Turkey Hunting, Mom Style

Yep, it’s turkey hunting time again.

In honor of Thanksgiving, I’m sharing some of my favorite stories about Thanksgiving and turkeys.

Today I’d like to share our favorite family tradition.

Turkey Hunting.

My boys went on their first turkey hunt when they were three and four years old.

I took them all by myself.

turkey hunt

What was I supposed to do?  The house was clean, the food was prepped, it was the day before Thanksgiving and my kids were wired AND tired.

My husband was working later than expected, and I was alone to entertain two boys.

(It didn’t help that they were temporarily banned from watching television.  What was I thinking when I handed out THAT punishment???)

So I took them turkey hunting in the front yard.mr turkey

No, Mr Turkey was not involved.

(don’t hit your brother with a turkey, please?)

Mr Turkey was safely tucked into a decorative nest of miniature pumpkins.

The kids said he was pooping pumpkin eggs.

Mr Turkey has issues.

(And at the time, my kids were seriously confused about biology.  We’ve taken care of that. Honest.)

Oh wait, Turkey Hunting.

For the past week, I’d been trying to keep my kids away from a paper turkey.

They were obsessed with the paper turkey from the dollar store!

I had fond memories from my own childhood of a similar paper turkey that was unfolded (with great ceremony) by my grandmother each year as the centerpiece for the “kids table.”   It had about 20 pieces of antique cellophane tape built up on the legs, but was otherwise intact.

(Ok, maybe it had a gravy stain on the beak, but we don’t talk about that little incident.)

So I had purchased the paper turkey with great hopes of starting a similar tradition in my own home.

My kids were NOT cooperating.

I finally gave up and acknowledged that my kids were determined to destroy my precious paper turkey.  I also took an honest look at the thing and realized he was ugly!

So I grabbed the nerf guns and some candy corn and headed outside with two very confused children and one pathetic ugly paper turkey.

I placed the paper turkey in the bushes.

The nerf gun bullet made a satisfying whole in the paper turkey.

After a few round of knocking the poor turkey off the bush, my kids were ready for some serious turkey hunting.

So I had them hide their eyes while I hid the turkey.   I used the candy corn to leave turkey doodles for them to track.

My boys are some seriously good turkey trackers.

(No, they did NOT eat the candy corn off the ground.  It took years for them to like candy corn because they were convinced that Mr Turkey made it.  They seriously believed that candy corn comes out of the backside of a turkey! I had some explaining to do when they found out otherwise.)

stage your own turkey hunt

We spent three hours hunting a paper turkey!

When my husband finally came home, he was very confused at why his family was in the front yard, in the dark, shooting nerf guns at wadded up ball of paper with a turkey head sticking out of it.

The candy corn on the sidewalk didn’t impress him either.

(Particularly when the boys told him not to step on the turkey poop.)

He mumbled something about hunter safety training class and went inside.

I highly recommend staging a turkey hunt if you have boys.  I’ve got grand plans for our hunt this year.  I’m looking for an inflatable turkey, or maybe a glow-in-the-dark one.  I have a bag of turkey doodles too.

 (I found a baseball cap with a turkey on the top, but hubby rejected it using the whole hunter safety thing again.)

my litttle turkey

So tell me, what’s your craziest Thanksgiving tradition?


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  1. love the idea of a turkey hunt, what a great way to have fun and prepare for the holidays. I can so see Dino loving this.
    karen recently posted..What to Post?My Profile

    • Dino would love it! You could modify it to fit your circumstances. I’m blessed to live where we can be outside at Thanksgiving, but if the weather was bad we could do an indoor hunt.

  2. I love this! We don’t have any crazy Thanksgiving traditions. Maybe we should start some. I can just see you out in the yard stalking the paper bird. So funny! Our only real Thanksgiving tradition is leaving our house. I don’t like cooking turkeys and have refused to ever do it again. So every year we find someone to take us in. Sometimes it’s family. Sometimes we abuse friendships. That’s my tradition 🙂
    Dawn recently posted..My Thoughts On MarriageMy Profile

    • You are welcome to come eat turkey with us any time! I’m smoking two turkeys today for next week. You could always cater the event. You can buy a turkey from most grocery chains and they do a decent job.

  3. It is just wrong to call candy corn “turkey poop” Funny but still wrong 🙂
    Jean recently posted..Please Do Not Put Muddy Shoes in the DishwasherMy Profile

  4. What a great idea. I think that when my granddaughter gets older, she will LOVE this.

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