It’s Turkey Season Around Here

I’m declaring it open season for hunting turkeys.

No, that’s not a commentary on the election results.

I’m just ready to share some Thanksgiving fun, and I figure there are a lot of people that could stand a reason to laugh today.Best line of the story?

Don’t hit your brother with a turkey.

Before you call protective services, maybe you better hear the REST of the story.

don't hit your brother with a turkey header

Today’s Turkey Story

turkey time with

A few years back (when the kids were both still in diapers) I was on the phone with my mom, chatting away happily.

She was in the middle of telling me something when I interrupted her to say

Watty, don’t hit your brother with a turkey.

There was a moment of horrified silence on the phone before my mom managed to choke out

Sweetheart, do you need to get off the phone to parent your kids right now?

And then a moment of confused silence while I realized what my mom thought was happening.

(I’ve got it under control over here, what’s the big deal.. oh… wait… that didn’t sound right.)

Oh no, mom, it’s not what it sounds like.  It was just a STUFFED turkey.

More confused and horrified silence on both parts.

(Oh wait, that sounded even worse!)

Then my mom started laughing.

So did I.

I finally managed to explain myself.

It’s a fabric turkey.  It’s stuffed like a stuffed teddy bear would be.

Oh.  Well of course it is.

For the next few minutes, my mom and I were in a fit of hysterics over the visual image of my three year old dragging a 20 pound frozen turkey out of the freezer and managing to hit his brother on the head with it.

don't use a turkey on your brother

Don't hit your brother with a turkey

I think she was laughing in relief because for a brief moment in time, that’s exactly what she thought was happening in my house.

I was laughing because I realized what she was imagining had happened in my house.

Then she finally managed to say

Well, they shouldn’t hit each other with THAT turkey either.  Maybe you should put it away.

We still have Mr Turkey.

This year, the kids are enjoying terrorizing the cat with it.


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  1. This one made me smile. I’ve noticed the words hitting and boys always seem to appear together. I wonder why? My younger son terrorizes my older son WITH our cats!
    Jean recently posted..Wonder if it Works Wednesday: The Dry Erase Board EditionMy Profile

    • Hmmm… hitting and boys does seem to go together. I have no idea why. But boys also go with dirt, legos, hunting, body noises, mysterious odors, and mud. So maybe it’s just part of the boy package I love so dearly.

  2. oh that is just too funny, that is great…LOL…

    your poor mom thinking you let your kids beat each other with food, LOL
    karen recently posted..Headbands of HopeMy Profile

    • I’m not sure if she thought I was LETTING them or was more worried that they’d drug the turkey out of the deep freeze. Either way, it was pretty funny once we figured out just what the other was thinking.

  3. {Melinda} So cute! And yes, I’ve been needing something to laugh about this week, so thanks for this. 🙂
    Mothering From Scratch recently posted..getting off the people-pleasing treadmillMy Profile

  4. What is with the hitting? Ugh! My mom has caught me saying strange things too – “No, we don’t drink out of the toilet.” “Hold on while I go get the baby out of the trash can.” It’s a wonder she trusts me to parent her grandsons.

    • Get the baby out of the trash can??? Oh you have GOT to tell us that story. I don’t understand the hitting. But it is just part of being boys.

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