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five minute fridayFive Minute Friday is my favorite post each week!

I normally start looking forward to the Five Minute Friday reveal as soon as I hit “post” on Thursday (and sometimes sooner!)

It’s the biggest free-writing flash-mob I’ve found on the internet and I seriously love it! I have fun writing, and I love the community that forms the flash mob.

The rules are simple:  one prompt, five minutes to write, no editing.  The flash-mob is the brain child of Lisa-Jo Baker and is hosted (hostessed?) at her Tales from a Gypsy Mama Blog.

Last week, I wrote about VOICE

This week, the topic is ROOTS

Five Minute Friday – ROOTS


Immediately, my mind flashes to the hurricane this week and the images of the uprooted trees, their roots laid bare for the world to see.

And then it flashes back further, to Ike.

Ike hit here.

The uprooted trees were everywhere.  Even here.  100 miles inland.  Where the trees were ripped from the earth, you can see a hollow in the ground.

Even now, years later.  You can see where the trees were.

Did you know that for Oak Trees, the roots of the tree are roughly the size and shape of the branches and their leaves?

Trees are kind of hour glass shaped.  Big and bushy on top, a slender trunk, and big and bushy under ground.


When trees are PRUNED, things change.

Then the roots are bigger.  The tree becomes bottom heavy.

Like a Weeble.  Remember?  Weebles wobble but they won’t fall down.

When trees are pruned, their roots become anchors.

When the storms come, the wind can blow through the pruned trees more easily than the trees that have never been pruned.

It’s like the difference between the wind blowing against a glass window or blowing through a window screen.

Lord, prune me.

Let my roots be bigger than my branches.  Let me be as a tree firmly planted.

When the storms come, let them pass through my branches.

Prune me Lord, that I might bear fruit.


That’s it for Five Minute Friday.

Five Minute Friday

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  1. Thank you friend… thank you so much. I love that analogy – pruning make our roots like anchors… Be blessed today.
    Tonya Salomons recently posted..Roots – Five Minute FridaysMy Profile

  2. Thank you for sharing. I’m in New York and some areas around here were hit very hard. And I didn’t know that about Oaks. Thanks!

    • Mary, I’ve been through many hurricanes. The chaos and destruction never gets easier to see. Your area has been in my prayers this week because I know how hard it is.

  3. Glad you shared.
    denise recently posted..Five Minute Friday/RootsMy Profile

  4. {Melinda} Love this post. Pruning is essential, but so painful. But when our roots are in an immovable God, we know we can remain secure.
    Mothering From Scratch recently posted..The Academic Motivational Flu: A Mom’s Guide for CareMy Profile

  5. You always have such a great perspective on things! Love it! Everyone impacted by the storm will be in my prayers…
    Emily recently posted..Weigh-In Wednesday: Week 3My Profile

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