The Happy Mommy Game

I regularly get visits to my blog from people googling “the happy mommy game.”

the happy mommy game - 31 days of joy in motherhood

While I don’t know of an actual formal game for happy moms, it’s kind of fun to imagine what the rules would be.  You might even say it gives me JOY to imagine it.

After musing it over, I’ve come up with several different ideas for the happy mommy game.  Each version is a great way to find some joy in motherhood.

Happy Mommy Game #1 – MOMGO

Yep, it’s bingo for moms.  Each of your kids gets a MOMGO card.

FREE DOWNLOADABLE - MOMGO Game Board.  It's like BINGO, only your children win prizes by making YOU happy.  Love this.  It's perfect for helping my kids become aware of the small things that make me happy (and for encouraging them to do it!)

Whenever they spot you doing something that makes you happy, they get put a marker on their card.  First one to finish a MOMGO pattern wins a small prize.

Why would this rock?  If my kids were competing for a prize, maybe they’d cooperate when I want to read a book or have me time or sit down and eat lunch!

Alternate version: mark your own MOMGO card and reward yourself with something from the secret chocolate stash.

Alternate version #2: Your kids can work cooperatively from ONE card.  When they score a MOMGO (or fill the whole card) then it’s family fun time.

EDITED TO ADD: Clicking on this link will download an excel file with four printable MOMGO boards.  MOMGO Game

The PDF version can be found here.

momgo printable

Happy Mommy Game #2 – High Score Wins

Each of your daily chores gets a point value.

high score wins

Each day, you and a friend (or friends) tally up how many points you have racked up.  Trash talking and competitive tweeting would be encouraged (if that amuses or motivates you).

At the end of the week, the winner gets… free afternoon baby sitting courtesy of the loser.  (or whatever works for you and your friend.)

Why this rocks: Competition can make mundane chores a little more fun.  You feel less isolated because you know your friend is doing the same thing you are.  And hello… free babysitting!

Alternate version: Go over your list and point value with your husband.  Bet him that you can’t earn X points in a week.  If you win, you get to assign him three chores of your choosing (or whatever works in your world). If you lose, he gets something he wants.  (i’ll leave that to your discretion.)

Happy Mommy Game #3 – Silly Mommy

Make some wild deals with your kids. The crazier the better.

  • If you can pick up all your dirty clothes before I count to 100 I’ll wear daddy’s cowboy boots.
  • If you can get all the Legos off the floor before I climb the stairs, I’ll wear a feather boa AND the cowboy boots.
  • If you can take all the trash out to the curb before I finish the dishes, I’ll dance to some Christmas music.

See the pattern?  They do a chore, I do something silly.  After a few rounds, my kids propose (and complete) chores for silliness on their own.

Why this rocks:  Kids giggling AND doing chores?  What’s not to love?  And my husband’s face when he walked in to see me wearing his cowboy boots, half a halloween costume, and dancing the funky chicken… priceless.

Now it’s your turn.

Your “Joy Assignment” for today is to invent a mommy game.  Nothing elaborate, unless you want to. You don’t even have to actually PLAY the game.  Just spend a few minutes contemplating something called “The Happy Mommy Game” and then (this is the big part) imagine winning the game!

This post is day 11 of 31 Days of Joy in Motherhood.

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I have a passion for encouraging weary worn out mothers to find joy in everyday motherhood and peace in unlikely places. I have two elementary school boys, one nerdy husband, and two cats. I have a strange fascination for bad puns, the color pink, socks, and books. I worry about running out of toilet paper, wine, and chocolate.. I serve an amazing God. I live an ordinary life filled with wonder.
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  1. WOW…love these games babe. That is so awesome, I am going to have to try these, modify it a bit for Dino though. JUST LOVE THEM>
    karen recently posted..My Meal PlanMy Profile

    • Modify to your heart’s content. Make it be something that works for YOUR family and that brings you joy. I love stumbling on little things that turn chore time into game time.

  2. Awesomeness!! Love all the games; especially the first!!
    Roshni recently posted..There are some good days and then there are days like these….My Profile

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