My Kids Make Me Laugh – Turkey(s)

My kids make me laugh every single day (when I take time to appreciate them).

I’m convinced that these kind of silly conversations are taking place in YOUR house every day (just like mine.)  But I had to learn to listen for them.

I can promise you – my kids did not walk up and say

Mommy, grab a pencil and paper – we have something funny for your blog.

That would be too easy.

Instead, the little treasures happen at the most inopportune moments. I HAVE to have an ear open for them at all times. (and sadly, there’s no telling how many stories i’ve missed by being too busy or too distracted.)

And that’s the key… my kids make me laugh and that fills me with joyI have to look for the moments. I intentionally seek them out.  I make time to appreciate these snippets of childhood and I store them up like treasures.

Because they ARE treasures.

My Kids Make Me Laugh!

They fill my heart with joy.

Last week, it happened to be about Turkey.

The kids are riding in the back row while I am driving them to soccer practice.

I’ve learned this is a great time eavesdrop on my kids.  They are talking to each other, not me. (they’ve made that clear.)  I can hear them, but they think I can’t.

my kids make me laugh about turkeys

GoGo:  Watty, you know that country called Turkey?

Watty:  Yeah, sure!  It’s on Stack the Countries.

(Yes! I’m a good mom.  they’re playing educational games.  I rock.)

GoGo: Why do you think they call it Turkey?

(I’m on the edge of my seat.  My kids have pretty much mastered U.S. geography and are now working on the rest of the world.)

Watty: Umm…. I’m pretty sure it’s because of the Bible.

GoGo:  What?

(I’m torn.  Part of me is excited that Watty is trying to teach his little brother some Biblical truths.  The other part is pretty certain that Turkey is not mentioned in the Bible.)

Watty:  You know.  When Noah built the ark and God flooded the earth.  They landed on dry land in Turkey.

GoGo: So?

(I’m not 100% certain that Noah landed in Turkey, but it’s a reasonable theory. I’m feeling really good as a mom.  They’re having educational discussions that include Biblical history and archeological stuff from the science channel.)

Watty:  When Noah opened the door to the Ark, the first thing that ran out the door was a Turkey!

GoGo: (giggles)  Ohhhh

(Wait…. what?  A turkey?  I’m pretty sure the Bible mentions a dove and some sacrificial sheep.  But not Turkeys.)

Just as I’m about to open my mouth…

Watty:  Or maybe it’s because Turkey is shaped like a Turkey.

GoGo:  Yeah, that sounds good.

(Not accurate, but really funny.  I’m too busy giggling to correct my children.)

Watty:  Although… it doesn’t look much like a Turkey.  Let’s look it up.

what did you say?

And with that, I did’t even need to say a thing.

The conversation was funny.  It made me laugh silently as I listened.  It made my friends giggle when I told it.

But because I was listening, I got an unexpected blessing.

Watty likes to be an expert.  He reads science books and then tells you everything he just read.   He has a hard time admitting that he doesn’t know something.

While I was intentionally listening for funny, I got to hear his heart change.

It’s the first time I can ever recall him volunteering to look something up or admitting he didn’t know an answer.

That’s huge.

I’d love to hear how your kids have made you laugh today.  

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  1. I laughed out loud!! Love it! Van conversations are the best.
    Dawn recently posted..Kids and MoneyMy Profile

  2. I love that ark landed in Turkey with turkeys! I can also imagine your boys making it clear they are talking to each other and not you since I’ve done the thing where I answered a question that wasn’t FOR me.
    Jean recently posted..Keys to a Smooth Sports Practice Night, Part 1My Profile

  3. Cuteness!! yes, I totally stalk my kids for all their little gems of information too!! 🙂
    Roshni recently posted..Future computer programmer?My Profile

  4. So cute! I love how kids puzzle stuff out! I especially love the “because a turkey ran out first” theory! 🙂
    Mindy recently posted..My “31 Days” topic rejects.My Profile

    • I loved the whole Noah’s ark angle. It was cracking me up too much to try and correct them.

      So are you going to write 31 topics I wish someone else would blog about? I’d love to read THAT list.

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