Thankful Thoughts – I’m thankful for coffee

thankful thoughts 31 days of joy in motherhoodThankful Thoughts and Sundays just go together like beans and cornbread, right?

(mmmm…. cornbread)

Today, I’m thankful for coffee.

OK, realistically, I’m thankful for it every day.  But I’m writing about it today.

I didn’t start drinking coffee until about two years ago.  Before that, I was a hard core diet soda drinker for breakfast.

But now…

…I am seriously thankful for coffee.

Looking back, I’m not sure how I made it through the first few months after child birth without coffee.  Sleep deprivation and caffeine go hand in hand.

(kind of like beans and cornbread)

I love the way coffee smells.

Even when I wasn’t a coffee drinker, I still enjoyed the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

I love the way it pairs with chocolate.

(mmmmm.  mocha….)

The first coffee I ever drank was in Glorietta New Mexico, at the commissary.  I was in seventh grade, and my uncle taught me to add a quarter cup of coffee into a cup of hot chocolate from the serve yourself beverage bar.  I thought I was hot stuff.  My mom wasn’t impressed.

Happy Seventy Fifth Birthday Uncle Jack.

I love the way the Keurig machine sounds.

I like the whirrrrrrrrr of the motor as it sucks water into the heat-it-up chamber.

I like the pbbbbbbtttt sound as it presses the last of the water through the beloved K cup.

I love how coffee tastes.

Honestly, my favorite coffee has about a tablespoon of maple syrup and a half cup of milk mixed in.  That’s how I drink it at home.

At my favorite local coffee shop, it gets a little fancier.

But I also enjoy it unsweetened, with way more cream than I should pour in there.

I’m thankful for how coffee can rescue a day.

When I’m feeling strung out, tired, and frazzled, a cup of coffee can help.

Beyond the sugar and caffeine, pausing long enough to make a cup of coffee (whirrrrrrr, pbbbbbbbtttt) and then sitting down to drink it can give me time to re-set.  It’s only 10 minutes, but it is just long enough to reboot my brain.

I’m thankful for how coffee connects.

When I need to chat face to face, inviting someone to sit down over a cup of coffee is perfect.

It’s non-threatening.  It’s simple.  And it works.

Even if they don’t drink coffee.

My family has coffee traditions.

I remember my grandmother would indulge any child awake before 7am with coffee milk.

(recipe:  pour cold milk into a coffee mug.  splash about one tablespoon of coffee in with the milk)

While the rest of the household slept, it was a treat to sit down with grandma and share “coffee” with her.   She would normally be sitting in a chair with her huge bible across her knees, coffee mug clasped between her hands as she read.

 I wrote my thankful thoughts today with coffee cup in hand.

Can you blame me?

What about you?  Do you drink coffee or have an alternative breakfast beverage?  

The Coffee Shop

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  1. I cannot take caffeine, but I do like the taste of milky coffee, and coffee flavored anything. I taught my son the same hot chocolate and coffee trick at motel breakfasts, but had him use decaf.
    Ginger Kay recently posted..Sunday Fun, vol 2My Profile

    • When I didn’t drink coffee, I felt out of step with the world and the prevailing coffee culture. But yes, I still enjoyed the smell and taste in things.

      I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to abstain from caffeine. What a challenge. If we ever meet in real life can we chat over a ginger ale?

  2. What a perfect post to read during my morning java quest. I love coffee, it is my first step in my morning routine. Coffee and reading posts and emails.

    Pam recently posted..Free Printable Daily Agenda Sheet for Moms In Fall Colors With Doodle Spot and Meal PlansMy Profile

    • Thank you! My kids and husband leave the house at 7:30. Then it’s coffee time!

      I take thyroid pills and have to wait 30 minutes to eat. That includes all dairy. It’s a long 30 minutes!

  3. I miss coffee so much, the smell and taste of it, how it made me feel. Tea is good, I am thankful that I get to drink that and with enough sugar and almond milk…it almost tastes like coffee.

    I remember as a kid on Sunday mornings, waking up and dipping buttered rolls in my coffee. Now I still enjoy diary-free buttered rolls and tea, thankful I can still enjoy the tradition in a different form.
    karen recently posted..PositivityMy Profile

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