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5 minute fridayI participate in “Five Minute Friday” from Lisa Jo Baker’s Tales from a Gypsy Mama blog.  She provides a writing prompt, and I have five minutes to write to that subject.  No editing, no fussing.  Just. write.

People all over the web join in the free-writing exercise.  You can too.   I’d love to see your writing in the comments of her page or shared on your blog.  Just let me know what to look for and I’ll cheer you on.

Last week, I wrote about “wide.”
Today, I write about “GRASP.”



I can remember it like it was yesterday.

But it is already a two year old story.

Each day of  preschool, the ritual began.  He stands at the ledge of the car, arms wide open reaching up for me.   His face a picture of joy and mischief.

Get me down!

I pause.  My head is generally filled with the tick-tock to-do of the day.  Or filled with the regrets of a hurried morning of schedule and rush.  But resentfully, I pause to indulge my child.

I lift him down, his arms GRASP around my neck.  His face momentarily buried in my neck.  His fingers entwine in my hair.

Set down, he dutifully stays by my side as we cross the parking lot.

Set free, he joyfully races his friend to the classroom door in a daily battle to be first.

His teacher opens the door.

One by one, the children hug their moms and tear themselves away to enter the classroom.

Except my boy.

He darts under her arm and into the classroom, sprinting free from my domain.

Each day, she grasps his shoulder and turns him around, gently reminding him to hug me goodbye.

It is the stiff, resentful hug of duty.

Each day: Arms, grasp, duty, freedom, joy, sprint, grasp, duty, done.

One day, from nowhere, it clicks to me.  And I tell the teacher

No, let him go.  He’s already hugged me tight.

It changed everything.

From then, she let him slip into the room, a small dart of childhood aimed straight from my heart and into the wide world.

From then, his parking lot grasps lingered into hugs as I carried him until my arms gave out.  (He weighed 50 pounds, but I was determined).  I set him down and he skipped across the parking lot in joy.  I learned to skip with him.

Each day: Arms, grasp, hugs, skips, freedom, joy, sprint, done.

I almost missed it.


Joining in to Five Minute Friday was the best blogging decision I could have ever made!  Please join me.  I’d love to read what you write.

That’s it for Five Minute Friday.

Five Minute Friday

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  1. This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Visiting from Five Minute Friday.

  2. This was amazing!! Loved it!
    Roshni recently posted..What I’ve been reading this week #12My Profile

  3. LOVED THIS BABE!!! wiping my tears away. Just one little change and his world changed, you are an awesome mommy.
    karen recently posted..Guest Post – Mother Daughter Book ReviewsMy Profile

    • The crazy thing is that I almost missed it! I almost just kept my mouth shut and went along with the teacher’s plan. It was such a little thing to me, but for my son it was HUGE.

  4. Good post, I enjoyed it.
    denise recently posted..Five Minute Friday/GraspMy Profile

  5. How beautiful! You painted such a clear picture of his joy and excitement.
    Kim recently posted..Tea With LizzyMy Profile

  6. Beautifully done. Funny, I did a 5 minute post too. Except my prompt was ‘I Am’ and it was a brain dump. 🙂
    Alison recently posted..In 5 Minutes….My Profile

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