Thankful Thoughts – I can’t believe I’m writing about soccer

It’s that time again! Time for me to sit down and write something for my weekly series called Thankful Thoughts.

I have a whole list of ideas, but they’re in the other room and I’m cozy here.

thankful thoughts

So I’m going to try and find a way to be thankful for soccer.  It’s a stretch, because I’m not exactly a huge fan of the game.

If you follow me on twitter (and you should!) then you might have spotted how I feel about the sport.

Obviously, I’m going to struggle with Thankful Thoughts this week.

This should be fun.  (or maybe not)

My kids asked me if I had played soccer as a child.

Soccer hadn’t been invented when I was a child.

My husband asked me to correct myself.  I did.

Soccer had been invented, it just wasn’t played by anyone I knew.

There wasn’t even a soccer team at our high school.

Or maybe there was and I just didn’t notice it.

I understand the basic concept of the game.  I actually even comprehend the basic strategy and positions.

The boys love soccer.

They actually aren’t bad at it.  I didn’t say they were great, but since I’m not relying on a sports scholarship to pay for college, I’m ok with that.

There’s no rule that says I have to love everything they are interested in.

(and i should probably insert a huge apology here to the people who love the game.  i wish i could.  i’ve tried.  i just don’t *get* it.  it doesn’t raise a passion in me.  if you love the sport, i’m happy for you.  i tried.  i failed.)

I’m a bad soccer mom.

I chat or crochet (or both) through every game.  I have a mom who tells me when to cheer for my kids.  I have others who cheer for my kids on my behalf.

I don’t buy soccer themed snacks.

I lose their silly soccer socks and substitute baseball socks instead.  (I love baseball.  I want to be a baseball mom.)

I don’t wear the team colors.

I don’t know the difference between soccer cleats and baseball cleats.  Nor do I care to.  Be thankful I remembered the shin guards.

Sometimes I pause and cheer.

I know enough to sense when my kids are discouraged or distracted and need to hear a momma cheer.   I can see it in their shoulders and the set of their heads.

I don’t second guess the coaches.  I never ask the score.   I’ve never ranted at an official or a coach.

I don’t like to sweat (it was 95 degrees on the field).  I’m not a big fan of bugs.  And I have stuff I’d rather do on a Saturday.

I hate trophies.

So why am I writing thankful thoughts about soccer?

thankful thoughts on soccer

In spite of my luke-warm relationship with the sport, I’m thankful my kids play.

We’re blessed that the kids play in a league of Christian Schools.  The kids they play soccer with are the same ones they go to school with.  I love seeing my boys interact with their friends.  I see them “in the wild” and it makes me smile.

I get to spend time with other families from our school.  It connects me to the community.

I get to spent time chatting with other women and investing into their lives with friendship and encouragement.  They do the same for me.

The team motto is “grace in victory, dignity in defeat”  (or maybe that should be “dignity in victory, grace in defeat” – the kids can never remember).   How can you not love that!  I’m thankful for the character lessons my sons are learning through sports.

I’m thankful for a simple sport.  If my kids have access to a ball, they can entertain themselves.  That’s proven useful on road trips.

I treasure the memory of my boys playing 2:2 soccer with my mother and I.  Seeing my mom (she’s 74) play goalie against two boys was priceless.  They still talk about it.

I’m thankful to watch a community of dads come together and invest in their sons’ lives.  Not just their own boys either!  It thrills me to watch the mentoring and encouragement going on as men and boys work together.   The goodness that happens there moves me to tears.

I doubt I ever develop a love for the game.

I can’t see myself sitting down to watch the World Cup (that is what they call it, right?).  I doubt I’ll ever have a favorite team.  In my mind, David Beckham is still Mr Posh Spice.  I can’t even SPELL hooligans without help.

I blocked the soccer channel on our televisions so the kids wouldn’t find it.

But I’d be a fool to let my dislike of the sport get in the way of all that goodness.

Yes.  I can have thankful thoughts about soccer.

Who knew?

Care to sound off about soccer?  Do you have a love/hate relationship with a children’s activity?  How can you find a way to be thankful for it?

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  1. Susan, can you remove the comment above? I was a bit distracted when I hit “submit” Here’s what my comment was supposed to say: I love soccer! However, if I substitute another sport say baseball into what you wrote above (haha) I can completely relate to the love/hate relationship with an activity. I love the fast pace of soccer vs. the slower pace of some other sports. Also, I know the difference between soccer and baseball cleats and feeled compelled to share it. Baseball cleats have an extra spike? on the front toe. You can wear soccer cleats to play baseball but you cannot wear baseball cleats on the soccer fields.
    Jean recently posted..How to Save Money by Not Buying Storage ContainersMy Profile

    • Jean, I deleted the other comment. When I first saw it I was walking into church this morning. I was a bit freaked because I thought your account had been hacked. I know you aren’t a spammer. I was about to send you an email suggesting you needed to check for intruders when the second post came in.

      So are you telling me someone goes around counting the spikes on cleats to make sure they’re the right ones for the sport? Who would want the job of cleat police? If I’m cheap can I just by soccer cleats all the time and hope we get more use out of them? Who decided they should be different? Sounds like a conspiracy to make me spend more money on my kids’ shoes.

      • Sorry, I didn’t mean to freak you out. I like to check my grammar in Word and then paste my comments over but it didn’t work right yesterday and pasted over a comment from something else I was doing. I know in my boys’ league (it is a recreational) that they do a before game check of shoes, shin guards, and jewelry (we play in a coed division). I have no idea who thought it up on the shoes. However, I’m cheap and do exactly that just buy soccer cleats.
        Jean recently posted..How to Save Money by Not Buying Storage ContainersMy Profile

        • Once I saw the second comment I knew what had happened.

          Ours is a recreational league too. They check shin guards. Now I understand why the kids show the bottoms of their shoes to the ref. Too funny.

  2. I cannot understand any type of football, but I agree, if the kids enjoy it and it gives them the opportunity to run around in the fresh air and grass for some time, then we should love that!!
    Roshni recently posted..What I’ve been reading this week #11…Husbands and kids edition!!My Profile

  3. {Kathy} You know what? I like you even more now. As a Veteran Soccer Mom (I have been on the sidelines for 12+ years), you actually get it right smack on the nose. How you are interacting with your children on the field is EXACTLY what we are supposed to do.

    I spent a couple of weeks in England last year with my oldest son as he trained with a semi-pro team. He was invited to go as sort of an exchange for the same sort of trip for a Brit boy.

    I wrote an article about my experience I think you might find funny. Here is a link to that article:

    We are not at our kids’ soccer games and practices to fulfill our own needs. Thank goodness. I don’t need to play soccer. My kids do. The Brits do this whole Soccer Mom thing very differently–we should really pay attention.
    Mothering From Scratch recently posted..don’t let our wounds go to wasteMy Profile

    • Kathy, thank you so much for the encouragement. I love that you got to go to England – what an adventure. I read your article, and it does give a different perspective on the sport. It sounds like you had a wonderful time AND learned from it.

      You are right. I’m not at those games to get my needs met. It’s nice when I can squeeze in a little socializing, but it’s really about the kids.

  4. I love that motto…that’s so wonderful to teach the boys. Dino is learning to play soccer at his daycare on Thursdays, I kind of hope he continues the sport when he gets older. I think he needs to be constantly moving in a sport, unlike baseball.

    I also want to get him into karate, he needs to learn how to control his body and needs discipline.

    I would love the community support too, it’s a way to chat with the girls and still be a mom. I look forward to that too, but worry that in our town parents are too competetive
    karen recently posted..Fire Safety and the Letter “D”My Profile

    • There are some highly competitive leagues where we live, and there are relaxed leagues. Make sure you do some research before you sign him up. Watch and see, there may be a sign up flyer at his daycare for a FFPS league.

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