In praise of hats

i love to crochet hats

The marriage of hat and crochet is magical for me.

I’ve explained my love for crochet in a previous post or two.

As a little girl, I loved trying on the hats in the department store.  I loved how they made me feel glamourous, like I was wearing a costume.  I loved how they framed my face and made me look pretty.

When my boys were babies, I loved how they looked in hats.  They were adorable, and some of my favorite photos feature them in darling hats.  (But I also loved the approving looks I got from all the Grandmas for keeping my baby’s head covered.)

Sadly, hats aren’t a big fashion item these days.

And my boys have outgrown cute hats.

I love crochet, but always lost interest halfway through a big project.  And, lets face it, crocheting a big heavy afghan in Texas summer heat is just not that appealing.

Crochet is one of those things I can do without looking.  I find it soothing and meditative.  I was just never fond of the end results – afghans just don’t appeal to me.

Crochet Afghan, not a hat

See? Afghan = not cute.

But hats… I can make one in less than an hour.

When I realized that I could finish an entire crochet project in one sitting AND have a cute hat to show for it, something just clicked.

It’s a totally portable project that fits my attention span.  Many take less than a full skein of yarn, a great way to use up my lifetime supply of partial skeins.

bad photo, cute hat

Bad photo, but it’s a cute hat.

It’s crochet for the commitment phobic (or ADD crafter).

I crochet my hats in the round.  That’s a technical term that means I make them as one giant spiral.  No turning and flipping my work.  Nice.  Much faster results.

Many hats look cute worked in chunky multi-strand crochet.

Crochet Hat

See? Crochet Hat = cute

Even speedier.

And did I mention the creative process?   Hats seem particularly susceptible to gauge and tension as I crochet.  I can use the exact same pattern, yarn, and hook and get different results depending on my stress level.

cute boy in hat

See? Baby + Hat = CUTE

Each hat seems to have it’s own personality and quirkiness.

Because of their small size and simple pattern (It’s just single crochet, with occasional rounds of double crochet when I’m feeling impatient or creative).  Hats can be a great way to showcase the yarn and let those amazing colors and textures take center stage.

The crochet hat is the perfect project for me.

It’s fast, portable, and something I can pick up and put down at will.  It’s pretty, it’s useful, and it’s cheap.  It calms me when I am agitated, amuses me when I am bored, and distracts me when I am tempted.

The problem is I have about 50 of these little hats.  Hubby is not amused.

I have a hat problem.

I have tiny hats for premies.  I have giant hats that fit my husband’s head.  I have them in cotton and wool and acrylic.  I’ve made them in solids and stripes and tweeds.  Bucket hats, sun bonnets, and the ever popular toque.

I can’t help myself.

I made two more today.

Should I stop?

Do you have a craft that keeps you sane AND fits your life?  I’d love to hear about it.

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  1. I tried to crochet once…even went to classes and had someone tech me…I threw the stick things against the wall in a fit of anger. I just couldn’t make my fingers move the way I wanted.

    I’m really good at making power points presentations and lesson plans.
    Karen recently posted..The Coolest MommyMy Profile

    • Karen, I feel that way about knitting (the thing with TWO sticks to throw against the wall instead of just one). I totally understand that it isn’t a craft for everyone. It’s hard to learn. It relaxes me, but I know other people that get stressed by it.
      I think the key is to find some kind of creative outlet that relaxes you, fits in your budget, and works in your life (portable, easy to interrupt, etc). That’s going to look different for everyone, and it changes with the different seasons of life. But having some kind of craft is one of my keys to being a happy mom.

      at various times in my life, that’s been stitching/handwork, jewelry making, scrapbooking, gardening, paper making, painting, leatherwork, and photography. 🙂

  2. {Kathy} Ok you have actually inspired me. You have appealed to my ADD side–it’s quite large.
    Mothering From Scratch recently posted..don’t let our wounds go to wasteMy Profile

  3. wow! They look amazing! Why would you stop?!!
    Roshni recently posted..Me? Sleep where?My Profile

    • I don’t want to stop! But I do need to find some additional storage. I need to spread all of them out and take a photo. It’s a little overwhelming. I made another one yesterday. 🙂

  4. My wife is such a crochet-fan … I always come home and there would be yarn laying across the sofa, kitchen table, bathroom. Literally whereever there is a chair to be able to sit on, yarn would be there!

    I’m actually quite surprised she didn’t make some hats out of crochet … was randomly looking online to find some cool ideas for her to make for our grandchildren! Great work you have by the way!

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