My Kids Make Me Laugh – Ninja for God

You can’t just say “Ninja for God” in your regular voice. You definitely can’t say “ninja for God?” with a question in your voice.

No. You have you use the big movie narrator voice, with sound effects.

Ninjaaaaaaa for God (dum dum duuuuum).

At least that’s how I heard it when I typed it.

ninjas for god

It started innocently enough

Watty: When I turn 16, I’m going to get a car!

Me: Sweetheart, NO ONE is going to give you a car at 16.

Watty: It could happen.

GoGo: Yeah. they could give me a cool truck!

Me: If you are lucky, Mommy and Daddy will give you half a car.

They laughed hysterically. I’m not sure why.   I was totally serious and didn’t think it was funny at all.

Watty: I want a truck!

Me: You can’t drive a car that’s nicer than mommy’s

More laughter. Given that I drive a 10 year old truck with 200,000 miles on it, this was probably justified.

GoGo: I’m never letting you eat food in MY car.

Me: I want you to drive me through the drive-thru. I’ll order a happy meal. I’ll throw the french fries on the floor. I’ll spill my drink, and I’ll leave the apple bag in the seat to explode. Just like YOU do.

(i honestly want to do this.  i keep telling them i’m going to.  i am pretty tired of my car smelling like fermented french fries and residual apple juice.)

Watty: No you won’t!

Me: I want to ride around in back and watch movies.

Yet more laughter. But it was the evil kind.

(i worry when my kids actually say “bwahahaha” instead of really laughing.)

Watty: I’ll only let you watch BABY movies.

GoGo: No!!!!! Make her watch princess movies.

Me: I LIKE princess movies.

Watty: You ARE a princess.

This was dangerous territory.

I wasn’t sure what they meant. My husband sometimes calls me a princess, but not always in a good way. Sometimes it has a three letter word after it. As in “get your princess ____ out of the way.” So I decided to hold back and see where the conversation was going.

(But when my husband calls me a princess, I’m always happy to remind him that I REALLY REALLY am a princess. I proved that when the boys were little and I didn’t like pee in the bed.

Oh wait… that’s supposed to be PEA, not PEE…. never mind.)

Me: Well, yes, I am a princess.

GoGo: You can NEVER be queen!

Watty: That’s right. God is the KING and he doesn’t have a queen.

I was impressed.

(and my husband was instantly removed from the mental doghouse i was building for him)

Watty: I’m a prince too. A prince for God.

GoGo: Not me! I’m a joker.

We’ve been playing cards a lot lately.

You know how it goes… King, Queen, Joker.

Yes, I know it’s really Jack and we don’t play with the Jokers. But they get confused.

GoGo: I want to make God laugh. I’m going to do back-flips to cheer him up.

Watty: Oh yeah? Well I want to be a NINJA for God.

Ninja for God?

GoGo: Yeah! Ninjas do way better backflips than Jokers. I want to be a Ninja for God too!

Me: Well alrighty then. I don’t even know what to say.

he said ninja

And honestly, I don’t.

I figure God was up there laughing and enjoying every second of it.

Tell me, do your kids want to be Ninjas for God?  Or something equally silly but more gender appropriate?

(i have no idea what the little girl equivalent would be – please help.)


Susan Baker
I have a passion for encouraging weary worn out mothers to find joy in everyday motherhood and peace in unlikely places. I have two elementary school boys, one nerdy husband, and two cats. I have a strange fascination for bad puns, the color pink, socks, and books. I worry about running out of toilet paper, wine, and chocolate.. I serve an amazing God. I live an ordinary life filled with wonder.
Susan Baker
Susan Baker

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  1. YOU MAKE ME LAUGH EVERY TIME. what great boys you have, a Ninja for GOD, wonderful. I think Anthony will be a calm comedian for God. He is so funny, but wants everyone calm around him and makes sure they are.
    karen recently posted..Success and FailuresMy Profile

    • I told my kids this morning that they were on my blog as ninjas for God (it sounds exactly like pigs in space in my head.). They were so excited.

      I’m sure God needs a calm comedian – particularly after all the backflips my boys do.

  2. Hahaha. I like the reasoning here. Your boys crack me up too! PS I LOOOOVVEE the new comment color/size!
    Emily recently posted..Fun, Family-Friendly Fitness IdeasMy Profile

  3. Too funny!Kids crack me up all of the time. I prefer their company over adults quite honestly.
    QueenMomJen recently posted..Google lessons on bowing and curtseyingMy Profile

  4. Jess WhoaMamma says

    Oh Susan, you’ve made my day!
    What a joy it is to come here via SITS Saturday and discover you and your wonderful blog!!!
    I have 3 girls and we’ve gone through thr Princess and Fairy phases. My 6 year old twins want to be popstars and my little 5 year old wants to be a Musketeer. Good Luck, I say!
    Happy to have become your latest follower! xxx
    Jess WhoaMamma recently posted..In Search of ‘Kefi’: Lost and FoundMy Profile

    • Jess, welcome! I’m so glad to meet you. Kids have such fun and amazing dreams for their lives. As an adult, there are times when I STILL think it would be fun to be a fairy. I figure as long as I keep a sense of humor about it, my kids and I will do just fine.

  5. First of all, half a car is a pretty funny image, so I’m sure they were picturing each having a half car when they were cracking up. Of course, I want to know, did they picture just the front part or was it split down the middle? I just picture the front.

    And Ninja for God is outstanding. Hysterical. I love that you and your boys had that conversation!!

    • I think I would be seeing a the front half of the car, with the car in motion and the “cut part” dragging the road and making sparks. I think that’s the way it happens in movies, right?

      My kids are asleep right now (finally!!!!), I’ll try to ask them what they pictured.

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