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5 minute fridayI participate in “Five Minute Friday” from Lisa Jo Baker’s Tales from a Gypsy Mama blog.  She provides a writing prompt, and I have five minutes to write to that subject.  No editing, no fussing.  Just. write.

People all over the web join in the free-writing exercise.  You can too.   I’d love to see your writing in the comments of her page or shared on your blog.  Just let me know what to look for and I’ll cheer you on.

Last week, I wrote about “graceful.”
Today, I write about “FOCUS.”



Mrs baker, your son lacks focus.

It’s not new news to me, but still the tears flow.  I listen as the teacher continues.

Mrs baker, your son is wonderful. He Could do amazing things if he would just focus


I felt so defeated. Where had I failed as a mom.

Another year, another teacher.

We are concerned that your son is not focusing during instruction.

But he gets perfect scores on his tests.

I watch him. Worried. A mothers heart cries out.

I cry. I watch. I worry. I pray. I google.

And then. A book.

I watch in wonder as my always in motion, never still, always talking son…

… Grows still and silent.

He reads.

He devours books like they are chocolate.

His mind soars free while his body finds peace.

He is oblivious to my watching. He has found focus.

And I have found peace.


Just so y’all know, I’m so focused on being able to post a FMF post today that I wrote it on my iPhone.  Under the covers.

Go ahead and giggle.  I would, but it would wake hubby up.

Joining in to Five Minute Friday was the best blogging decision I could have ever made!  Please join me.  I’d love to read what you write.

That’s it for Five Minute Friday.

Five Minute Friday

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  1. I started with a heartbreaking and ended with giggles…you write with feeling, and I LOVE it!

    Praying your son continues to flourish in his reading…what a gift!

  2. How wonderful that he has discovered reading. Glad that you have found peace!
    Kim recently posted..14 YearsMy Profile

    • It was (to me) the highlight of the summer. I would stand at the door and just watch him read. I treasured it in my heart because it was literally the first time I’d seen him awake and still. Even as a baby… constant motion.

  3. It’s just amazing….my elder son cannot keep still….he’s always moving, talking, moving…but if you give him a book (or a video game, to be honest!), he’ll be still for hours!!
    Finally got onto Facebook, btw! I’m just killing myself! 😀
    Roshni recently posted..JadedMy Profile

    • Saw you on facebook — waving hi.

      Your oldest it the 3rd grader, right? If so, they are the same age. Isn’t it amazing to finally see those boys being still. 🙂

  4. Great post. Enjoyed this alot.
    Denise recently posted..Five Minute Friday/FocusMy Profile

  5. OH MY… I couldn’t stop the tears, so beautiful. He just needed to find what made him happy, what really grabbed his attention. So glad you were able to see what your son is capable of…and perhaps the teachers have learned too.

    I think it’s great that you are so devoted to 5MF that you were typing under the covers…so awesome.
    karen recently posted..Focus, wedding dress, and soy ice creamMy Profile

    • Given my schedule today, it was the only way I was going to pull off posting. I had stuff piled on the laptop or I would have grabbed it and blogged from “the office.”

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