My Kids Make Me Laugh – About Fish????

my kids make me laugh from thishappymom.comMy kids make me laugh.  You know that, right?  Every week it’s something new.

After our recent adventure in setting up a turtle tank, Watty declared that you don’t keep salmon for a pet.

I agree with him. Salmon is a rather non-traditional and unlovable pet.

Hubby would agree too, it has too many different requirements (both fresh and salt water).

But Watty’s answer was a bit more… entertaining.

My kids make me laugh - you don't keep salmon as pets

Watty: You don’t keep salmon for a pet.

Hubby: Why is that?

Watty: Because you EAT salmon.

(Perfectly logical to me. This is why we don’t have a pet cow. This is why I won’t eat a cat.)

Watty: What if there was some really fat person that came over to your house.

Hubby: OK?

Watty: And you were really skinny

(Not sure what skinny has to do with this)

Watty: And you went in the other room

Hubby: And then?

Watty: And when you came back, the fish was gone. Because the fat person was hungry and you didn’t even know it and he ATE YOUR PET.

(Hubby is helpless in the face of this logic.)

Watty: It’s totally wrong to eat your pet when they are still alive.

Go-Go: What if the fat man killed the salmon first?

Watty: Oh, then he’d be a pet killer.

(I’m totally relieved, because I had this horrible vision of the fat man eating a live salmon like the bears do on those nature movies. You know? The salmon is running up stream thinking about laying eggs, the bear snaps it out of the water with his teeth. The bear bites into the salmon and eats the middle… they do a close up the salmon face and he’s in shock.)

(Wait… SHE would be in shock… Boy salmon aren’t going up stream to lay eggs.)

(OK, so my point was… in my head I could see the fat man shaking the still-living salmon in his jaws. Yuck.)

Hubby: So, if the pet salmon died of old age, would it be ok to eat it?

Go-Go? Could we eat it as sushi?

So could you? Would you?

Once again, I’m helpless at the ways my kids make me laugh.

What have your kids been up to?


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  1. you’re boys crack me up woman. Love how they think of the greatest and funniest things. You must find it so hard to NOT laugh in their faces.
    karen recently posted..Fun with Grandma and GrandpaMy Profile

    • Wait… you mean normal families don’t have these conversations?

      I’m pretty convinced that every kid says stuff like this if you listen. It just takes having the nerve to actually ask questions to see where the conversation is going.

      Honestly, sometimes I do laugh. There’s no way not to.

  2. Your kids are hysterical! Makes me really miss the days when my kids were that ages and making me laugh all the time. At least I have grandkids now. They’ve taken over where the kids left off.
    Patty recently posted..How to Dust FasterMy Profile

    • I love my kids. I was worried that sending them to school would leave me a little short on funny stories. It hasn’t. Right now, the running dialog of Go-Go discovering the Middle Ages is a riot! He’s got an encyclopedia of the Medieval World and is telling us all about it. Very exciting and funny. “a snowy war” “look! it’s jerusalem”

  3. Funny kids. Love the sushi one!
    QueenMomJen recently posted..Princess RulesMy Profile

  4. Funny, logical and practical! What more can one want?!!
    Roshni recently posted..Gross post alert!!!My Profile

  5. Hahaha…Those boys are funny. If they are anything like my little brothers, just wait until said fat man shows up and they feel the need to point out that pets are not meant for eating. haha.
    Emily recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Back to SchoolMy Profile

  6. kids are such adorable creatures to have around. I have a 5-year old daughter and her simple (and funny) ways of looking at things never fail to make me laugh (or smile at the very least). let’s be thankful we have kids that brighten up our days!

  7. Adorable kids! I always that with my nephews! Even when they were looking for a serious conversation I can’t help myself sometimes to laugh. They are to eager to know more information. A question when answered leads to another following question. Sometimes I give up and still they wouldn’t take NO for answer. And we continue. Its fun though, way to bond!

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