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31 Days of Joy in Motherhood – Day 1

31 Days of Joy in Motherhood – The Series

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The list of all 31 days can be found HERE.

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Thankful Thoughts – I’m thankful for coffee

thankful thoughts 31 days of joy in motherhoodThankful Thoughts and Sundays just go together like beans and cornbread, right?

(mmmm…. cornbread)

Today, I’m thankful for coffee.

OK, realistically, I’m thankful for it every day.  But I’m writing about it today.

I didn’t start drinking coffee until about two years ago.  Before that, I was a hard core diet soda drinker for breakfast.

But now… [Read more…]

31 days of what?????

31 days of what31 days of _____ has been my constant conversation for the past few days.  I’ve driven my husband nuts.

The Nester is once again hosting her awesome 31 days challenge for the month of October and I want to join in.

The problem is, I’m having a hard time deciding what to write about.  I’m running out of time because it starts Monday.  I need to develop artwork and create a first post this weekend, and I haven’t even started.  Eeek!

So, without further ado, I give you

31 ideas for 31 days.

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Five Minute Friday – Grasp

5 minute fridayI participate in “Five Minute Friday” from Lisa Jo Baker’s Tales from a Gypsy Mama blog.  She provides a writing prompt, and I have five minutes to write to that subject.  No editing, no fussing.  Just. write.

People all over the web join in the free-writing exercise.  You can too.   I’d love to see your writing in the comments of her page or shared on your blog.  Just let me know what to look for and I’ll cheer you on.

Last week, I wrote about “wide.”
Today, I write about “GRASP.”

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My Grandmother’s Apple Butter

I grew up eating my family’s homemade apple butter.

My mom, aunt, and grandmother would all take turns making a huge batch of the stuff and then sharing the results between the three families.  They would make it in the oven, using the big black oval turkey roasting pan.

Growing up, I called it the “apple butter pan” and genuinely thought it was a special pan just for making apple butter. [Read more…]

A unique view of my remodel – stuff

home at last - remodelI’ve posted bits and pieces about my remodel, and we’re not quite done.

I’ve already shared a story of my remodel from the view of our toilet arrangements.  Now, I’d like to share the story from another unique viewpoint.  This time, it’s

The story of my remodel from the viewpoint of my stuff. [Read more…]

My Kids Make Me Laugh – Encyclopedia Style

my kids make me laugh from

My kids make me laugh every single day.  I treasure that.

Taking the time to enjoy my kids and laugh WITH them each day is one of my secrets to being This Happy Mom.

Sometimes, it’s visual.  Like the day they dressed up in costumes. (That’s the very first my kids make me laugh post.)

This time, it was an extended conversation with a series of sound bites – each one funnier than the last.   [Read more…]

I’m ready to come out of the closet

true confessionsSo when I say “I’m ready to come out of the closet” I should probably explain things a little.

Or maybe a lot.

As a reminder, we’ve been remodeling our home since May 2012.  We still aren’t done.

I have no where to hang my clothes. [Read more…]

Thankful Thoughts – I can’t believe I’m writing about soccer

It’s that time again! Time for me to sit down and write something for my weekly series called Thankful Thoughts.

I have a whole list of ideas, but they’re in the other room and I’m cozy here.

thankful thoughts

So I’m going to try and find a way to be thankful for soccer.  It’s a stretch, because I’m not exactly a huge fan of the game.

If you follow me on twitter (and you should!) then you might have spotted how I feel about the sport.

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In praise of hats

i love to crochet hats

The marriage of hat and crochet is magical for me.

I’ve explained my love for crochet in a previous post or two.

As a little girl, I loved trying on the hats in the department store.  I loved how they made me feel glamourous, like I was wearing a costume.  I loved how they framed my face and made me look pretty.

When my boys were babies, I loved how they looked in hats.  They were adorable, and some of my favorite photos feature them in darling hats.  (But I also loved the approving looks I got from all the Grandmas for keeping my baby’s head covered.) [Read more…]

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