Badges for the Weary Worn Out Mom

badges for the weary worn out momMotherhood is under-appreciated and we miss many milestones for the weary worn out mom to celebrate.

Oh sure, we’re good at celebrating out CHILDREN’S milestones.

We celebrate baby’s first word, baby’s first step, the first day of school.

But what about the milestones of motherhood?

For a weary and worn out mother, these may not be scrap-book or pin-worthy moments, but they deserve to be acknowledged and celebrated.

So I’ve got some badges for you.  

You’re more than welcome to grab them and share them with friends to show off your achievements.

I only ask that you leave your story in the comments detailing why you think you deserve the award.

I’ll be sharing my stories with you, so it seems kind of fair.

Badges for the weary worn out mom

The vomit catcher.

badge for weary mom who caught vomit

I first won this award when we were out to eat with my extended family and four month old son.  Watty got this funny look on his face and then proceeded to vomit.

It was slow motion instinct — I just stuck out my hand and caught “code rainbow” in my hand.  Not a drop got on Watty’s clothing or skin.

When I got back from washing my hands, one of the other moms at the table whispered “welcome to the club.”

The bio-hazard.

badge for the weary worn out mom who was peed on

EVERY mom earns this one.  If you have ever had to wear “code yellow” (peep) or “code brown” (not peep) from an under-acheiving diaper (theirs, not yours) or well aimed “fountain” then you’re in.

I think I had been a parent for less than a month the first time I had to sport some bio material, but I have only vague memories due to sleep depravation and raging hormones.

I do remember a spectacular “code brown” event that escaped the diaper, the onesie, the pants, and the baby bjorn carrier before soaking through my shirt.  That was the day I realized the diaper bag needed an extra shirt for mommy too.

As I recall, I sent my husband into Walmart to buy me a new shirt.  I changed in the parking lot and tossed the bio hazard material in the dumpster.

The giver.

badge for the weary worn out mom who gives away her chocolate

When I was pregnant, I splurged on a small package of chocolate chip cookies every single day at work.  Shameful, but true.  To this DAY I still crave those silly cookies.  It’s not like they were that good, but I just still want them.

I don’t share my cookies.

Don’t mess with my cookies.

When Watty was two, we on a car trip.  He was in the back seat munching away on his healthy toddler snack.  I was in the front seat, most of the way through the tiny bag of cookies.

Watty asked for a cookie.

I gave him (shudder) the last cookie in the bag.

True momma love.

Motherhood should come with badges.

I’d love your ideas.  What kind of badges do you think we deserve as moms?

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  1. I love those badges babe, so can related to each story. My badges would entail boogie keeper (Anthony loves to give me all his boogies) and mommy bean bag (he thinks mommy just loves being jumped on)
    karen recently posted..Tiny Bathroom UPDATEMy Profile

    • Yikes. I had forgotten all the boogies and how Go-Go used to love to smear them on my backside. Nasty. I’d also forgotten about the whole boogie sucking thing you do with little ones, before they learn how to blow (or pick) their own nose. Ewwww.

      Motherhood is so fabulous.

  2. I forgot about some of that stuff! Once we had just gotten to Walmart and my son, Danny, sneezed into his hand. Snot dripped between his fingers. It was the most disgusting thing I had ever seen. He was old enough that I didn’t have to do anything but I nearly gagged seeing it. Oh, my gosh! Kids are SO gross!

    Now I’m repeating the cycle with my grandkids. I am definitely a giver. I share nearly all my food with my granddaughter who’s almost 3. I tell her all the time I wouldn’t share with just anyone. And my grandson who’s 18 months swipes my watch and gets it disgusting. I normally don’t ever take my watch off so it’s a huge sacrifice to let him have it.

    But just like my kids, I love these little people and let them do really disgusting things to me that I could never have imgined. Yes, Susan – mothers (and grandmothers – but especially mothers) definitely deserve awards!
    Patty recently posted..11 Ways Seniors Can Get Out of the House and Have Some Fun!My Profile

    • Patty, does this mean I get to relive all those parenting moments as a grandmother one day? Say it isn’t so! Having my own child walk up, hold out his hand, and say “look mommy, i just sneezed a booger” was bad enough. 🙂

  3. I used to carry an extra shirt in the diaper bag because my oldest would spit up so much and somehow it would always be just a little to the side of the burp cloth instead of on it. I would like to add a badge for watching/listening to the same song/television show for more than 20 (200?) times in a row and maintaining my sanity. Maybe moms should simply get a badge for maintaining any sanity at all?
    Jean recently posted..Rolling Out a New Linen Closet Look, Part 1My Profile

    • I remember that phase. I recall one particular DVD that I finally told the kids was “worn out” from being played so much. I wasn’t exactly thrilled when grandma came to their rescue and replaced it. (eye roll). Yes – that deserves a badge.

  4. I totally deserve the vomit catcher . My son (about 4 at the time) had been vomiting prior to us going to out to my mother in laws birthday dinner. I didn’t want to take him but my husband at the time insisted we take him. I turned my back at the restaurant for a moment to find his father and father in law giving him orange juice. DUH ! I screamed at them to stop. We went into the restaurant , sat down and my son said “I don’t feel good Mum” and then proceeded to vomit over me, himself, the chair and the table. I would have needed 10 hands to catch the volume. And to boot my ex still never saw anything wrong with what he did. No wonder he is the ex.
    Tracey recently posted..The First Surgeon’s AppointmentMy Profile

    • I’ll confess, I’d like to replay that little moment in your life and have you AIM your son ever so slyly at whoever administered the orange juice.

      Sometimes, you just can’t win.

  5. I want the Bio-Hazard badge for sure! My daughter was about 18 months, we were at my Nephews wedding. They had this toddler room which was positioned right outside of the main chapel area. We had the place to ourselves. My daughter was enjoying herself, playing with all the toys, and I was leaning out the door watching the ceremony. It was a real tearjerker. Anyways, by the time I turned back around my daughter had already taken off her diaper, which was full of you know what, and decided to crawl up on the couch with mickey mouse to enjoy some one on one time. Needless to say, everything was covered with “code brown”. I panicked! As I tried to clean everything up, including her, I got it all over myself. At the time I didn’t really care so much about my dress, the couch was my main concern. Luckily, after the ceremony had ended, one of the ladies from the church brought me some cleaning solution. How embarrassing! Luckily I didn’t have to buy the church a new couch!
    TaSha recently posted..Types of Backpack Child Carriers – From Basic to DeluxeMy Profile

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