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my kids make me laugh from thishappymom.comIf you’re wondering how my child’s color change at school yesterday could possibly make me laugh, just bear with me.  He did make me laugh… just not where he could see it.

It’s not the first time my husband and I have snickered at color changes either.  Watty says some amazing stuff trying to wiggle out of trouble.

Color changes?  Our school uses a color system to rate behavior each day.  Green means you had a great day.  Yellow means the teachers had to fuss at you to the point that they felt it was worth documenting it.  Red equals a trip to the office and a phone call home.

Red is for really bad stuff, like the time Joey pulled down his pants in Kindergarten to show Amanda his new Super Man underwear.

Watty was the proud recipient of a “red card” in Kindergarten for spitting on his girlfriend.


When I got to the school, the principal at the time had him coloring an “I’m sorry” card for his girlfriend.  I was informed that the kindergarden classes has been experiencing a LOT of spitting incidents and assured it was normal behavior.

When we got to the car, I simply handed him an empty Big Gulp cup.

Me:  Fill it.

Watty:  What?

Me:  You like spitting?  Fill the cup with spit please.

For the rest of the afternoon, Watty sat in a chair trying to muster spit.  When I wasn’t looking, his little brother was trying to help fill the cup too.  I kept hearing the whispered conversations between Watty and his younger brother that I was trying hard to laugh at.

Watty:  Go-Go, can’t you spit faster?

Go-G0: I’m out of spit.  I think my spitter is broken.

Watty:  Do you think I could pee in the cup?

Go-Go:  NO!  I don’t want to spit in your peep.

They managed about a half-inch of spit before daddy came home.

Watty:  I don’t want to spit ever again!

Hubby:  What did you learn?

Watty:  Spit is gross.

They had a long conversation about spit.  More importantly, my husband came in and gave a living demonstration of grace and allowed my son to stop trying to fill a 32 ounce styrofoam cup with spit.  Not only was that the end of our spitting issues, it pretty much ended the spitting issues for the ENTIRE SCHOOL.

Yesterday was more of a light greenish yellow event.

Translation?  It was a theoretical yellow.  The teachers were laying down the law and establishing their boundaries.  Not a huge deal, as long as my son doesn’t realize it was a bluff.

He has no clue!

I took him on the front porch for a heart to heart chat away from his brother.

Me:  So… you were asked to stop talking and you kept right on talking.

Him:  I just couldn’t help it.  No… wait… I decided not to help it.

Me:  So you decided to be disobedient.  Why?

Him:  (mumbling) I wanted to see how far I could push it.

(Deep breath mom! This is a big one.  I want to reward the honesty, but I want him to quit testing those boundaries)

Me: Now you know.  And the answer is…

Him:  Not very far.

Me:  Even less far than you think.  You ready for your consequences?

Him:  I’m ready to quit pushing it.

(Oh this boy is good.  Just about the time I’m ready to lay down the law he gets all cute and contrite on me.)

Him:  Mommy????

(He said Mommy.  He never calls me that anymore.  He calls me “mom” these days.)

Me: Yes?

(Not the cute face! Not the puppy dog eyes!  I must stay strong!)

Him:  I’m really sorry.

(And now he’s hugging me.  Without prompting.  I must stay strong!)

Me:  For?

Him:  (face buried in my neck) Please don’t take away my video games.  Please!

(ding ding ding! we have a winner!)

Me:  (As I push him back to look him in the eyes)  No video games until Thursday.  Early bed time.  No sugar.

Him: (shoulders dropping)  I pushed it too far again, didn’t I?

And with that, he gave me a grin and a big genuine hug.

The we walked inside.

Go-Go: What happened?

Watty: She took away my video games!  And I have to go to bed right now!  And I never get sugar again.

(Watty now climbs onto the couch and pulls a blanket over his head.

Go-Go: (all concerned) No video games?  But your plants and chickens will die.  Can I harvest them.

Watty: I don’t care! Mommy is horrible!  She’s a CHICKEN KILLER.

That’s right.  I’m guilty of killing virtual chickens.

I have no clue what he was talking about.  I couldn’t hear the explanation Go-Go was shouting through the bathroom door.  I was too busy running water in the sink to cover up the sounds of my hysterical laughter.  It was just too much!

Even when they’re not behaving, my kids can make me laugh.

My kids make me laugh every single day.

I’m convinced that allowing myself to laugh at these kind of moments is a key to happiness as a mom.  I encourage you to dig deep and find the funny.  Find some small way that your child makes you laugh today — and treasure the moment!

Tell me, how have your kids made you laugh recently? 

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  1. Made me laugh, too! My kids are grown and gone now but I remember plenty of times we had to hide our laughing face behind our hands so they wouldn’t know. And now we’re repeating that with our granddaughter. You never really know what she’s going to say and we’re constantly laughing behind our hands.

    Kids are fun. I miss the days when they were little. But at least we have a couple of grandkids now. That’s even better because we get to send them home when we’re no longer amused. And mom and dad get to be the chicken killers!!! recently posted..Pend Lists Save Money and Prevent TroubleMy Profile

    • patty, i look forward to being a grandmother for exactly that reason! 🙂

      sometimes it’s hard to keep a straight face when they’re so cute.

  2. This gave me a good chuckle! I love the concern of your oldest son over the video games.

    • the boys finally worked out some kind of an agreement to keep the virtual chickens alive. it was complicated and i didn’t follow all the details.

  3. what an awesome post, love how you discipline your sons with love and respect. at least you got them working together to save the chickens.

    Dinosaur said that he would only feel better and be able to clean his room if he had “amole and hips” which translates to guacamole and chips. tried to not laugh at him and let him get his way. at least he cleaned up his toys.

    • I’m not always good at it. Remember when my son thought he was dying because he was poisoned from the moldy water in my car? (Not my best parenting day). But in general, Grace Based Parenting is a huge part of how we live.

      Go-Go-s favorite food for years was avocado. He called it “cado” and would do ANYTHING for it. Thanks for the sweet memory.

  4. nominating your blog for the liebster award, tomorrow’s post will have details.

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