What can you see in a cloud? Cloud Pictures

As a child, my grandmother taught me the fine art of cloud pictures.

We’d lay on our backs and look up into the sky at the clouds and share what we saw.

She was good.  She could see castles.  She saw elephants.  She saw the three little bears AND Goldilocks… eating something in a bowl.

I saw marshmallows and apple trees.

I stunk at cloud pictures.

But a few summers back, I was stranded with two bored little boys and I suddenly remembered cloud pictures.  I squinted hard at the clouds and did my best.

Look boys!  I can see a sleeping giant.

They saw vividly what I could only pretend to see.

Look over there!  I see a… whale.

No mommy.  That’s a dinosaur.

With no more guidance than that, my boys were off and running.

They are now professional cloud spotters.

I still see marshmallows and apple trees.

I suspect they’ve started making stuff up.

Sunday’s list of supposed cloud pictures was particularly heinous. (I love that word and I’m excited to get to use it in writing.)

Take a look at this list and tell me if you think these are legitimate cloud pictures.cloud photos with a splatter of rain

  • Roasted chicken (They were hungry, but this seemed a little odd.)
  • Shark mouth (Just the mouth?)
  • North Dakota (I’m not sure how he could tell it was North Dakota, but I’m mighty proud of his Geography skills.)
  • Race car with no wheels (This was quickly amended to be a Pod Racer)
  • Super baby girl
  • A big butt with arms and legs  (We had a long discussion about how big the rear end was.  And a shorter one about the word choice.)
  • clout pictures at sunsetDragon wing
  • Underdog
  • Super heart (Wasn’t that a girl band in the seventies?)
  • Mighty bottom (Again with the bad vocabulary choices.  Sorry.)
  • Captain underpants (This was quickly defended as a proper literary character reference.)
  • Cloud shaped cloud  (OK, this one was mine.  I confess.)

Do you remember cloud pictures from your childhood?  Did you pass it on to your children?

PS – It’s just now occurring to me that my Grandmother might have been making stuff up too.  What does that say about me?

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  1. My oldest loves cloud pictures, and is a very good spotter. We actually see the same things quite often, or at least we can after the picture is explained. (To be fair, it’s usually him explaining the picture to me… but once he does, I can see what he sees.) I tend to see a lot of fish and whales, for some reason.
    Co-Pilot Mom recently posted..HomeMy Profile

    • i think it depends on the clouds. sometimes i can see whales, other times apple trees. at other times, i just see… clouds. but that’s ok. i like clouds.

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