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thankful thoughtsIn this week’s installment of thankful thoughts, I’m writing to you about music.

Did you ever wonder if your life had it’s own soundtrack, or that just me?  Seriously, there are times when the drama gets so intense that I think I need some heavy violin music in the background.  Or sometimes just a rim-shot.

Wouldn’t it be cool if real life came with sound effects too? 🙂

Oh wait… music.

My iTunes account is kind of like a musical scrapbook.

It’s not just a song… there’s a whole story behind the song.  And just hearing the song brings back a whole flood of memory.  Instead of flipping through a photo album, I can simply flip through a playlist and close my eyes to re-live the best moments of my life.

I have the song that was playing just before I met my husband for the first time.

(It was also the song of our first kiss.)

There’s the playlist of songs from our wedding.

There’s the song I was playing the first time I felt my oldest child kick while I was pregnant.

(I played it constantly for the next few months, because I thought he must really like the song.)

I have a Go Fish playlist that reminds me of an amazing weekend at a MOPS convention, the playlists I burned for several vacations, and a playlist of songs that lulled my son to sleep each night for six months straight.

Sometimes I add music just to cement a memory.

Recently at church, we sang a new version of an old hymn.

It started out loud and modern, and ended with us all singing the old hymn in four part harmony with just the piano.

In my heart, I was suddenly eight years old.  I was standing once again between my grandparents in my childhood church.  My mom was playing the piano, and I could hear my grandfather’s booming bass voice butchering the harmonies of the song.

It was intense.  I actually looked around after the song to see if my grandfather was sitting behind me.

He went to heaven in 1991 on the eve of the first gulf war.  There is no music for me from that day, we were all listening to the news instead.  My sound memories were of war and funeral music – they still make me cry.

Until now.

Now I can remember standing next to my grandfather in church singing old hymns with him.

I made him a playlist.

I am thankful for music.


Thanks for sharing my thankful thoughts with me each week.  I’d love to hear some of yours.  What musical memory do you have?


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  1. when I was pregnant with Anthony, I would always listen to “Let it Be” and “At Last” and they would calm my worries down Now when I hear it I burst into tears, it brings back so many memories. Brings back joy of experiencing something I never thought I could.
    Karen recently posted..Dressing JoeyMy Profile

  2. Also wanted to add that your story made me cry. It’s amazing how music can bring back such emotions.
    karen recently posted..Dressing JoeyMy Profile

    • i was bawling in church a few weeks back when it happened. it took time for me to not burst into waterworks when i tried to write about it. i was hoping i didn’t make people cry. sorry about that. hope it was a good kind of cry and didn’t make you mess up your going to church face.

  3. Anytime I hear anything by Alanis Moresette, I am transported directly back to junior high (when my husband and I first started “dating”) I didn’t even know what irony was, but I can feel the palpable excitement of getting a page from him (on a beeper, lol) or the tension with my mom because she thought we were way to young to make wedding invitations at the age of 13 (which of course we were, but look at us now!)
    Emily @ TheBusyMomsDiet recently posted..Weight Lifting Routine and ScheduleMy Profile

    • Awwww. High school sweethearts. Very sweet.

      With hubby it was Jennifer Paige. Crush. He’s not a crush, but the song stuck.

      Have to admit my first kiss ever was to an air supply song. Ewww.

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