Saturday Sing a Long – Saturday in the Park

saturday sing a long

It’s Saturday, and I’m inviting you to a singalong.  Go grab your MP3 player and check.  I’ll bet you find at least one song with the word “Saturday” in the title.

Go look!  I’ll wait.

Saturday in the park (I think it was the 4th of July).

Sing it with me?  Remember the song by Chicago?  I’m typing from memory, but it goes

Saturday in the Park

Saturday in the park
I think it was the Fourth of July
Saturday in the park
I think it was the Fourth of July
People talking, people laughing
A man selling ice cream
Singing Italian songs
(random words i don’t know)
Can you dig it (yes, I can)
And I’ve been waiting such a long time
For Saturday

Or what about S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT?  The one by the Bay City Rollers?

Random trivia: When I was in elementary school, the word “Saturday” appeared on my spelling test one week.  I hadn’t studied, and I couldn’t remember the word.  So under my breath, I sang it.  My teacher scored it wrong because I wrote the word “nite” next to it.

And then there’s Livingston Saturday Night by Jimmy Buffett.

I had to look the lyrics up for that one.  I was surprised to learn that the song is really all about EGGS!!!

(mmmm.  eggses.)

Suddenly Gollum remembered thieving from nests long ago, and sitting under the river bank teaching his grandmother, teaching his grandmother to suck — “Eggses!” he hissed. “Eggses it is!”

~ Riddles in the Dark, The Hobbit

OK, the song isn’t really all about eggs, but there are eggs listed in the lyrics.

 So won’t you listen to the sound of the hot country band,
Boot heels shufflin’ on the dance floor Sam,
Hum a song, play some pong, eat a deviled egg,
Temperature is rising, better pop another keg.

Why is it most of the Saturday Songs are about drinking?

Saturday Night’s Alright by Elton John is a perfect example

(you may remember it as covered by Nickelback, Queen, or the Who)

The whole song is about getting drunk and getting in a bar fight.

Get about as oiled as a diesel train
Gonna set this dance alight
‘Cause Saturday night’s the night I like
Saturday night’s alright, alright, alright


saturday songNot what I want my kids to sing along to.  I don’t want to explain the whole disel train reference.

I love Saturday, but it deserves a more family friendly anthem song.

What’s on your Saturday playlist?  Got a suggestion for a family friendly Saturday Theme song?

ps – I woke up this morning with no clue what to post today.  Be thankful I’m going to Content Brew this next week.  That means I won’t impose a sing-a-long again for awhile.  (or maybe I will, you never know with me).

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  1. LOVE the post, now singing and bopping to S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT. What a crabby teacher marking it wrong, she should have given you a bonus for creativity.

    Yeah, I can’t think of any Saturday songs, I’m so bad with music LOL
    karen recently posted..I’m Cute and I Know ItMy Profile

  2. Paula @ Simply Sandwich says:

    Hi Susan! I am stopping over from your Content Brew class. Love the Saturday songs – brought back some cool memories! 🙂
    Paula @ Simply Sandwich recently posted..A Great App for Busy MamasMy Profile

  3. I don’t have any Saturday songs but did find something called Slacker radio today with a station of one hit wonders. The kids were wondering if my horrible singing was ever going to end! How about Don’t Worry Be Happy for your family theme song?
    Jean recently posted..Platter Up!My Profile

  4. Another Saturday night and I just got paid…by Sam Cooke. A fun Motown song! Most of the ones in your post are on my ipod!
    Kathy Penney From Pinner Takes All recently posted..Sunday Dinner 08.19.12: Marinated Pork TenderloinMy Profile

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