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My kids make me laugh every single week. Honestly, they do it every single day. Last Friday, I made enough notes to fill a small book with their stories.  (I promise I’ll share them, they’re good!)

Sometimes it’s the weird stuff (like “I am a bad beaver”) that gets me giggling.  More often, it’s just something childlike and innocent.

This week, it was food.

It’s no secret that I love Mexican food.  I’ve shared menu plans that were very Tex-Mex heavy, so clearly I don’t even try to deny it.  I can’t help it. It’s my home cuisine.

Tex-Mex is the National Cuisine of Texas.

Apparently, I served it to my kids one too many times in a row, at least according to my kids.

Both Kids: M0-o-0-m, we already had tacos this week.  Not nachos!  Too much Mexican food!

Internally, I’m thinking “there’s no such thing as too much Mexican food” and I’m pondering if I can trade the kids in on ones who are more appreciative of my cooking.

Me: I like it.

Both Kids: We’re tired of it.  We want pizza, or hamburgers, or Chinese.

Clearly, my kids are expecting too much variety in their diet.  Given that one of them ate PB&J every day for breakfast AND lunch for six months straight, I’m not feeling very sympathetic.  Besides, I was craving enchiladas (a very different dish than tacos).  So I tried for logic.

Enchiladas and Tacos provide lots of variety. Honest.

Me: Do you know what they eat every day in Italy?

Both kids: What?

Obviously, my kids still don’t get sarcasm.  I can’t believe they actually fell for this question.

Me:  Italian food.

Both kids: No way!

Me:  Yes way.

What?  You never use “yes way” in response to “no way?”  It’s my go-to response for childlike objections.

Watty: No, that’s only at the Italian restaurants.  They eat normal food at home.

This child is at least trying to argue back with logic.  I’m secretly impressed with his attempt at a logical argument.  But I’m appalled at his cultural naiveté.

Me: Sweetie, in Italy, Italian food is the “normal food”    What do you think they eat in China?

See that? I’m trying to get them to extend the logic of what I’ve said. Don’t be impressed, I was actually trying to avoid discussing the concept of “normal food” because I didn’t want to get off track. And I suspect eating Mexican and Tex-Mex four nights a week doesn’t qualify as “normal food” to most people I know.

Go-Go: umm… Chinese food?

Give that child a prize.  I was pleased.

Watty: Every meal?

Me:  Yep.

Go-Go: Even breakfast?

Me: Yep.

I was just about to bring it home.  I was soooo close. I was about to make the point that most of the world is content with a single flavor palette. I was about to circle around and explain that people in Mexico actually eat Mexican food every day at every meal. Then I was going to talk about how eating a variety of fruits and vegetables kept that from being boring.

My kids spoiled the moment.

Watty: Whoa!  They eat steak sticks for breakfast? and lunch? and dinner?

Go-Go: Cool!

Crud.  I lost the moment. I was so close!

Watty:  I want to eat steak three times a day like the China people do

Me:  Um, that’s not exactly what I meant.

G0-Go:  Steak!!!

I lost the moment.  I was too busy laughing. You would have too. They were walking around the house saying “steak” with their arms out like zombies.

My Kids Make Me Laugh. Every.Single.Day.


A few notes in my defense:

1.  We did finish the conversation about eating a variety of foods.

2.  I did correct the phrase “China people.”

3.  We did correct the misconception that people in China eat steak sticks three times a day.  My husband has actually traveled to China more than once and was able to address the topic in some detail.

4. We did discuss the concept of “normal food.”  We continue to discuss the relationship between culture and food.

5. I attempted to explain how you could get lots of variety but still eat Italian food every day.  I failed.  I’ll try again.

I still fed them Tex-Mex for dinner.

I’m the mom.  I can do that.

How have your kids made you laugh today?

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  1. So funny! I laughed at the give and take. Kids and logic. A futile battle 🙂

  2. I can relate to the funny discussions about food. Things are very hit and miss with us. A meal that was a hit one day, can be a total flop the next time I serve it. Very unpredictable, but alway entertaining!
    Co-Pilot Mom recently posted..What’s For Dessert?My Profile

  3. but at least yours are always up for “bessert,” right?
    susan recently posted..My Kids Make Me Laugh – FoodMy Profile

  4. Hahaha… Your grocery budget better be flexible if they want steak 3 times a day! Your kids crack me up too.
    Emily @ recently posted..Playing in the DirtMy Profile

    • we did just purchase half a cow. (eek!) never done that before, but i promise we’ll blog it.

      now you know what we order the boys when we eat out at a Chinese Restaurant – steak on a stick.

      what do you order for yours?

  5. OMG, just too cute. You almost had them, LOL. I love Mexican too! I could eat soy cheese nachos ALL DAY, even for breakfast *giggle snort*

    When we were at the zoo, Dino said roosters say “cock-a-doo-doo” we could not stop laughing.
    Karen recently posted..Dino in CooperstownMy Profile

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