10 things to do on the first day of school

back to schoolShhh…. do you hear that noise?  That’s the sound from the first day of school.  What’s that, you didn’t hear anything?  That’s because my house is blissfully silent.

It’s the first day of school.  Finally.

I love my little munchkins and we’ve had a fabulous summer.  But honestly, I think they were as ready for today as I was.   For the past two weeks, their favorite game is something they call “ouch.”  You lose at playing ouch if your brother can actually cause enough pain to make you say “ouch.”  Bonus points for tears.

I think they secretly were also playing a game called “see who can make mommy lose her mind.”

As a public service to all the moms who are anticipating their very first moment of kid-free house ownership, I’ve compiled a list of ideas to fill your day until your kids come home.

It’s a long eight hours, and chances are good you may be worried that you will be lonely or bored without your child’s constant companionship.

  1. Take a momday.  I normally reserve Mondays as my Momdays, but I can be flexible.
  2. Listen to whatever you want on the car radio.  Seriously.  You have the entire care to yourself and no one will know if you crank up the tunes… or listen to fusion jazz… or talk radio.  Your guilty pleasure is safe.
  3. Actually hold a conversation without pausing to say “wait just a moment, mommy is on the phone.”
  4. Finish a prayer that doesn’t end with “Sorry God, the kids are fighting” or some equivalent statement.
  5. Take a nap without worrying that your kids are destroying the house.
  6. Go to the grocery store alone.
  7. Eat a lunch that does not involve the crusts cut off of someone else’s sandwiches.
  8. Read a book in silence.
  9. Complete a task (any task) start to finish without pausing to pour a glass of water or wipe up something sticky.
  10. Sit down, put your feet up, turn on the television to something non-animated and then… the best part… NOT GET BACK UP for thirty minutes.
There are other days for catching up on chores, tackling big house projects like the toy room, and being a generally responsible adult.

The first day of school should be yours to enjoy.

Don’t forget that they are coming home this afternoon.  Pick them up or meet them at the bus stop as appropriate.  Give them hugs.  Listen to their stories.  “Mom” them with all your heart.  (Mom is a verb, right?)
In all seriousness, what’s on your list for the first day of school?


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  1. When I made my back to school bucket list, I didn’t pause to think about the actual first day they returned. Since my oldest is starts middle school tomorrow and it coincides with a mile walking program in our city, I’m probably going to get my tennis shoes on and go walking (I’m pretty nervous about the whole middle school thing) but it will be with other adults and no kids! My kids and husband also love to play the “see who can make mommy lose her mind” game as well. LOL!
    Jean recently posted..Back to Menu Planning (and School!) This WeekMy Profile

    • I had coffee with hubby, and I have lunch plans with some of the other moms from school. My to do list is a mile long, but I think almost all of it can wait one more day. But first… I’m going to go take a long hot shower in private. No kids banging on the door. Pure bliss.

  2. No fair! I have to do chemo the first day of school!!!!!!!

    • will you feel better if i promise to clean toilets today? i had planned to take the day off, but for you… i’d even cut my hair off.

      not a day goes by that i don’t lift you and your family up in prayer. i may not be able to deliver meals or pester you with phone calls, but at least i can pray!

  3. Great list! I was celebrating with you in spirit today. Happy first day of school! I intend to have coffee with my honey and then work on my blog.
    Dawn recently posted..Big Decision For MeMy Profile

    • i had a loooong lunch with some of the moms from school. i crammed in a little blogging, but the day was really dedicated to reconnecting with people in real life.

      have you bought school supplies yet?

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