My Kids Make Me Laugh – Olympics Style

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My kids make me laugh every day!  I share their stories to remind you to find the funny in YOUR life too.

This week, I’m laughing at the Olympics.

Well, not really at the Olympics, more at how my kids interacted WITH the Olympics.

Sure, they did the normal stuff every other kids while watching the Olympics.  They re-enacted Judo in the backyard.  They attempted archery with some Nerf guns.  The couch became a piece of gymnastics equipment.

Interaction – that’s something entirely different.

The boys were laying at the foot of my bed watching the Olympics.  GoGo was multi-tasking as a foot warmer for me.  I was multi-tasking while I did market research for my Blog (code for goofing off on Pinterest and Twitter).

Watty was watching ladies gymnastics with evident interest.  He had lots of questions.

  • Why are the Americans wearing pink instead of red white and blue? (I had no answer)
  • Why isn’t the Chinese girl dancing to Chinese music? (what exactly does “Chinese music” sound like?)
  • What happens if she falls off the bar? (It hurts.)

Since I was so busy with my market research, I wasn’t paying attention to every little thing Watty said.  He was a constant steam of chatter, and I was giving him snarky answers.

A girl started to perform her floor exercise to some music that sounded vaguely Spanish… maybe Eastern European.  I don’t know, it was something with a beat that sounded like folk music.

Watty (to the tv): What are you doing? Do you think you’re a bull?

At this point I stopped typing and looked up at the screen.  She was wearing a red and black sequined number doing the standard floor exercise gyrations.

Watty (to the tv): Oh yes! you are a bull…

GoGo sat up at this point to stare at his brother.  He was wearing a stunned and confused look.  He was also blocking my view of the television.  I glanced over at Watty just in time to see his face lit up in pure joy as he said

…and i will ride you.

Words fail me.

I seriously have no explanation.  I have no idea what he meant.  I was so busy laughing that I never asked him.

My Kids Make Me Laugh –

When you stop laughing, share a story with me.  I’d love to hear how your kids made you giggle today.

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  1. Literally. Laughing. Out. Loud.

    • i so wish i could have a video of it! he tried to ride a pillow like a bull just moments later. i was dying! and gogo just kept staring at him with one of those “are you nuts???” look on his face.

  2. Can’t stop laughing, it hursts to much… tears are in my eyes as I type, that is just too flipping cute for words.

  3. Holly Jahangiri says:

    HOW old is this child?? ROFL!!

    • Watty is EIGHT. He starts 3rd grade in a week. If he was older, I’d know for sure what was on his mind and we could have a chat about appropriate comments in front of his mother. If he was younger, I’d know it was innocent.

      But he’s eight. I have no idea. I’ll probably always wonder.

  4. Too funny!! New follower via the Mommy Brain Mixer. Check out my blog and follow me back if you like! Have a wonderful week! 🙂

  5. Eeps!! You’re right, he’s too innocent to know the impact of what he said!!! Too funny!!!!
    Visiting you from the mixer! Do visit when you get a chance!

    fixed your url. THM

  6. That is funny and completely adorable. So glad you wrote it down you will want to remember that story!

  7. Hello! This is too funny – kids say the funniest things, and remind us not too be too serious! Stopping by from the Mommy-Brain Mixer at Two in Diapers. Are you on Klout? If so, I hope you’ll come by jugglingactmama.blogspot after 4pm EST for my Kickin’ it with Klout linky. Happy Thursday!

  8. SO FUNNY! Kids are hilarious, and they are so good at reminding us of the humor in everything! I’m so glad you linked up to the Mixer, friend, and I hope to see you again next week! 🙂

    • Cassie, remembering how funny our kids are can make a big difference in keeping things in perspective. It’s hard to stay mad at a little boy who was recently yelling “oh yes! you are a bull and i will ride you!”

  9. oh TOO FUNNY!! Sometimes it’s better not to ask.. 🙂 following you from the mommy-brain mixer. hope you’ll stop by my blog for a visit!

    • glad you popped in. you are correct – it’s better not to ask… ever. i cherish my innocence on this almost as much as i cherish his!

      pop in when i get a second. kid wrangling is a full time job today.

  10. This made me smile. Those questions are perfectly legit! 🙂 Stopping by from SITS.

  11. So cute! Kids really do have a way to making you smile 🙂 (Visiting from the Sharefest!)

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