Hard Boiled Eggs-pirmentation again. I can’t stop myself

silly eggs-pirmentation with thishappymom.comHard Boiled Eggs Again? The egg — incredible, edible, and beautiful.  Are you sick of them yet?

For those of you who are totally egg-saspirated with my recent fascination with hard boiled eggs, please be patient with me.  It’s almost over.  I’ve been busy conducting a few eggs-piraments to see if I could find the most egg-cellent method for making hard boiled eggs.

Even if you don’t care a bit about hard-boiled eggs, you should read the post for all the egg-cellent puns.  Come on, you know you want to peep.  They’ll crack you up.  Chick it out.

I followed directions, and placed my eggs on their sides to rest for 24 hours.

eggs on their sides

These were older eggs, about 5 days from their… wait for it… egg-spiration date.  But just in case, I left them on the counter for about 30 minutes to let them warm up.  Having followed every single available piece of advice on making hard boild eggs, I had some great… egg-spectations.

I decided to check out two different cooking methods.  I split the eggs into two different pots (each pot held eggs-actly six eggs).  One pot got treated to some blue dye…

eggs with blue dye

… and one pot got treated to some green dye.

eggs with green dye

(Ignore the stove, this was pre-remodel photography and the stove was unclean-able)

I brought the water to boil in both pots at the same time.  The green eggs were boiled on low for 10 minutes.  The blue eggs were coverd and left on the stove (no burner on) for twenty minutes.  At the end of the their respective cook time, half the eggs from each batch were plunged into icy water…

eggs in ice

… and half of each batch was left to sit in a bowl on the counter until it cooled a bit.

I then tried peeling each type of egg with eggs-actly the proceedure my MIL recommended (and I use) — tap on the blunt end, then the pointy end, then all the way around the middle.  She uses the side of the sink.  I used a cutting board because it is impossible to take good pictures inside my sink.  And to be honest, I gently r-0-l-l-e-d the egg around the equator rather than tap tap tapping.  (I find the tap tap tapping eggs-asperating.)

peeling eggs

My conclusion?  Each of these cooking methods (boil versus leave on the stove, iced versus leave on the counter) yielded eggs-actly the same results for me.  It didn’t really matter how they were cooked.   I did notice that all the eggs seemed to have the yolk somewhere close to the center, so laying your eggs on the side may actually work.

And that concludes my most egg-cellent adventure in eggs.

Eggs-ept that I started all this because I wanted to make my MIL’s creamed eggs recipe… and also invent my own version.  So, stay tuned for more egg-cellent egg dishes.

It’s almost over folks.  I’m out of eggs, and my family is sick of them.

Care to sound off?  Tell me just how tired you are of eggs?

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  1. Egg-stremely eggs-traordinary post! (I just could’t contain myself) haha.

  2. I can’t stop laughing woman, how long did it take you to write that up? I made hard boiled eggs last night, but forgot about them and they were over cooked…ooooops I have to try it again and make egg salad, you have inspired me.

    • honestly, i took an old post from my food blog. it was all serious and stuffy and sounded like a wikipedia article on eggs. it was horrible. so i started throwing in a few puns. then i added a few more. then i re-wrote parts of it to add even more puns.

      it turned out way better than the old boring article. i’ve learned a lesson from this. if i write something mediocre, save it for a bit and then re-write it ruthlessly. there’s no need to delete it or publish it prematurely.

      i promise the eggs-tended egg joke is almost over. thursday is the last egg post i have scheduled or written. (and those are recipes, so they hardly count, right). although, i did just start that pin board on eggs… never know what i’ll come up with given enough time.

  3. Holly Jahangiri says:

    What you need to do is to stir them constantly (or get a little hamster wheel, attach the eggs, dunk it into boiling water, and spin for 5 minutes) if you want the yolks perfectly centered. That, or you’ll get scrambled eggs cooked in the shell.

    By the way, I think I just used up my day’s .7% on this comment, alone.

    • Holly, I’ll put it on my list for the next series of egg posts. Those will be at lest a few months away. I’m a little weary of egg jokes this week.

      Although… I am curious about this technique… hmmm..

  4. Holly Jahangiri says:

    You are seriously eggsentric, you know that?

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