Warning! Don’t Try This at Home – Social Media Blunders

social media blunders from thishappymom.comI’ve committed my share of social media blunders.  I think everyone has, but somehow mine seem uniquely boneheaded and silly.  I wanted to share them to save you the embarrassment of repeating them.

These are just the social media blunders I’ve made in the past two months!

1.  Make sure you have Twitter followers.  When I started my blog, I realized I needed to tweet about it as part of my marketing campaign.  I logged into an old (inactive) twitter account I had used several years before.  I tweeted for an entire week before I realized I had no followers.  Nada.  Zip.  Not even the creepy ones.

2.  Don’t follow-back on Twitter without checking.  Unless you really like getting creepy semi-pornographic tweets, check before you follow-back.

3.  Learn how to check your direct messages and mentions on Twitter.  I didn’t, and I had some people who probably thought I was being rude or stuck up because it took me days to get back to them.

4.  Keep your identities separate.  If you are juggling multiple twitter handles or Facebook pages, make sure you keep them straight.  It wouldn’t do for me to post snarky stories about peeling eggs to my personal Facebook page, now would it.

5.  Write like your pastor, your mom, and your high school English teacher are reading every word.  Imagining them in the audience has prevented me from “oversharing” and encourages me to edit out a few select words.

6.  You are not a robot!  My Google+ account is pathetic.  I have no friends that I know of.  It’s my fault, because all I ever do is post my blog entries to the account.  The posting is automated, so I never even glance at the account.  Who wants to follow that?!?  It’s my fault that it’s pathetic because I’m never there.

7.  Make sure you know how to use an RSS feed reader.  I try to follow and comment on several dozen blogs.  That’s a lot to manage, and I realized an RSS feed reader would be the easiest to manage.  That’s great, except I kept messing up on adding blogs to my reader.  I’d find a blog, “add” it to the RSS feed, and then be really disappointed when they never posted anything new.  It turns out it was my error, they were still posting away!

editied 8/3/12 to add:

8. Some things do not belong on twitter or facebook. I recently saw a tweet about a woman’s monthly cycle that was just way too much information.  There’s some things I just don’t need to know about the status of your uterus or other anatomical parts.  (The tweet made me want to go wash my phone and eyeballs.)

If you follow me on Pinterest, I have a greatboard on Blogging and Social Media that cover this topic in great detail.

Care to chime in?  What social media blunders have you been guilty of?

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  1. I had a really hard time getting used to Twitter – I’m still not awesome at it. But I didn’t know about the Connect part so I did have some comments there that I never responded to. Oops. Now I know.

  2. I mix up my Facebook personal page and my blog’s fan page all the time. I don’t realize it until my blog has said something it shouldn’t. Or vice versa. I’m counting learning from you as you learn 🙂 Keep the lessons coming!

  3. Great tips! I am still learning everything too. I am attending Dallas BBC. See you there! Stacie xo

    • stacie, i’m sooo excited about dallas bbc and i’m looking forward to meeting everyone there. maybe i should hop on your blog and get a few beauty tips? 🙂

  4. I really could have used some of these tips a few months ago when I first started on Twitter. I was so lost!

    • obviously, i could have too! still can’t believe that i tweeted for a week with zero followers. talking to myself – taken to a new level.

  5. Oh yes, we all commit some social media cardinal sins in the beginning, and there are just so many platforms these days yes? That’s the part I love about blogging – it’s not JUST about your blog, it’s so much more.

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