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monthly goals from thishappymom.comMonthly goals are a good thing, right?   The theory is that having goals means we accomplish more stuff, and that without goals we end up just meandering through life.

I pretty much blundered my way through the summer and ended up accomplishing very little that I had wanted to do.  Based on my personal experience, the whole “goal theory thing” is right.  So I’m being all mature and grown up and I’m trying to set some monthly goals.

You’ll note that I’m posting this at the last possible moment.  It’s not like I had monthly goals just sitting there ready to go or anything.  I am totally flying by the seat of my pants on this one and I’m running the risk of spectacular public failure.  (entertaining for you, but not enjoyable for me).

easy monthly goals for august from thishappymom.comI tend to flame out on a lot of stuff.  I think I need some monthly goals that I can actually be certain of meeting one way or the other.

I also know I need a few big scary goals to push myself to do my best.  There’s nothing like the fear of public failure and humiliation to get me motivated!

I need monthly goals for my kids, my house, my marriage, my spiritual life, my health, and my blog.  Wow, that’s not a simple task.  It could potentially be a really big list.

One of my challenges is confusing to-do list items with goals.

Check out my list of Easily Achieved Goals I drafted out earlier.  It has five things on it.  Number four (get a pedicure) is a to-do list item, not a goal!

The classic idea is that goals should be S.M.A.R.T.  That’s






I don’t normally “do” SMART goals.  It’s a nasty byproduct of a time in my life when I had to write every single goal and objective in perfect SMART form.  They were weekly goals, so every single one of them ended with “this week” for the T part.  My boss graded them and made us correct them if they weren’t “SMART” enough.

My Monthly Goals for my Kids:

Have a great first week of school by

  • Making sure all their clothes and school supplies are ready to go
  • Making lunches fun by providing a variety of mom-approved items that they like
  • Getting the kids onto school schedule before the first day
  • Putting all school calendar stuff for the year onto my calendar

My Monthly Goals for my Husband:

  • Reconnect with my husband after the summer by making time to have special weekly lunch dates once school starts.
  • Making sure to enroll in Parents Night Out this month for date night!

My Monthly Goals for ME:

  • Improving physical health by going to the gym three times each week, drinking more water, getting lots of sleep
  • Taking time each day to practice thankfulness and connect with God (quiet time)
  • Read two books from cover to cover
  • Crochet some stuff (I have a detailed list, but it’s boring reading.  You can check Ravelry if you want to know).

My Monthly Goals for my BLOG:

For these, I’m relying heavily on a blog post on Growing Your Blog As A Business.

  • Be ready for my first conference!  It’s in mid-September but I want to make sure I’m ready.  Business Cards, Pedicure, Haircut, and a New Outfit are on the tip of my list.
  • Become a PR friendly Blogger.  I need to update my “about me” page, add a page on advertising policies, and finish working through the workshop from
  • Double my Facebook and twitter followers  using the techniques listed in the “Growing your blog” article.
  • Have all of my posts for September penciled in on the calendar.  Not written, just ideas for what is posting when.
  • Attend another Webinar on blogging.

I think that’s enough.  I’ll try and check in and let you know how I did.  Maybe by next month I’ll have a cute chart or something.  (Or not).

So tell me, what are your goals for the month?

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  1. This is a great post! And the layout is lovely! I like the idea of having goals – I just never make them. But I’m really good at To-Do lists. Maybe my first goal should be a list of goals – for September 🙂

  2. You really planned it all out, good for you. Reading your post gives me motivation to get things done and remember to be thankful for it all.

    Right now my major goal is find a job. After that I have lots of goals to catch up on, LOL

  3. Great goals! I have a similar list on a big white board in my office so that they stare me down everyday. I’m saving my PR page until after I go to Bloggy Boatcamp in October, but I can’t wait to see yours 🙂

    • i’m sure i’ll make changes after bloggy bootcamp dallas (sept 15) but i want to have something ready before that. the 5 day pr workshop seems like a great way to get things ready.

  4. great post thanks for sharing.

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