Menu Monday – The Desperate Housewife Edition

menu mondayIt’s time for Menu Monday.  I’m calling it the desperate housewife edition.   If ever there was a week I needed to carefully plan my menus, this would be it!  I am one desperate housewife.

As an aside, I have to say I love my new icon for Menu Monday.  I made it using elements from a digital scrapbooking kit I downloaded from Sweet Shoppe Designs.  It’s Lickin’ The Bowl by Heather Roselli.  I use iScrapbook – Chronos Inc. on my Mac to quickly assemble artwork for my blog, but I think their artwork would work in any digital scrapbooking software.  Very cute stuff.

My challenges? I’ve been focused on using up all of the stuff in our pantry and freezer, so we are out of food.  There’s no meat in the freezer, no dry beans, no fruit or vegetables of any description.  We’re down to one car, so getting to the store would pose a challenge under any circumstance.  Even more fun, I’ve messed up my back to the point that I can’t walk without wincing.  No clue what I did, but it reminds me of back labor.  As of Sunday noon, I can’t even climb down the stairs to the kitchen without tears of breakfast ideas for menu monday from

I had big plans for Menu Monday

I had hopes of a cute Olympic themed menu for the week.  Maybe a quick trip around the world in food, or a fruit plate resembling olympic rings, or even a meal themed around gold medals.  Ha. Haha.  hahahahaha!  Not.Gonna.Happen.

My kids offered to help plan menus for the week.   Their ideas are helpful, but I draw the line at serving gummy bears and chips for breakfast (or lunch or dinner).


Breakfast will be basic cereal and milk or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  The kids can do those on their own.  I’ll have a large latte and an apple or something healthy.  (I’m hoping either I can walk by the morning or one of my children learns to run the Keureg, this may be a crisis!)

kids lunch ideas for menu monday from


Lunches will be simple lunchbox favorites.  More peanut butter and jelly, but also a homemade lunchable offering.  We serve cubed up healthy meat (poached chicken breast or organic turkey ham) with cubed up cheese and some crackers.  Add in some fresh fruit and my kids are happy.  I’ll get hubby to prep up lunch our lunches and pop them in plastic lunch containers.   I’m lucky that Hubby can pop in at lunch and drop something off if I need him to, but I’m not going to PLAN on lunch delivery service.


Dinner is the big toughie.   I’m planning on getting the car back and being mobile in the next day or two, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.

kids dinner ideas for menu monday from thishappymom.comMonday – crockpot roasted chicken, rice cooker rice pilaf (from a mix)

Tuesday – crockpot beans and cornbread with fruit (Watty can actually make the beans with a little prompting from me).

Wednesday – nachos for the kids, grilled jalepeno poppers for the grownups (I can get these pre-made at the grocery store butcher case, yum).

Thursday – grilled pork chops with fresh fruit salsa and fresh tortillas from the store (if i’m still not mobile, all bets are off)

Friday – pizza night.  I give in.

I’ll probably get some cookies baked this week too, just because they were so sweet about asking.  Besides, I like cookies too.

What’s on your menu this week?  Would your kids be as “helpful” as mine were?

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  1. I think that maybe our kids went to the same meal planning school! I love their suggestions. I do hope your back is feeling better today.

    • my back is a bit better, but i’m taking it easy. hubby did the grocery shopping yesterday. i haven’t checked what he bought, but there’s normally something he buys that amuses me. 🙂

  2. I appreciate your sense of humor. Motherhood can be very challenging. Somehow I’ve made it thus far. Son 45, daughter 42, grandchildren 7, Life awesome!
    Essy recently posted..Green Coffee Bean Extract Weightloss BenefitsMy Profile

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