Silly Eggs-pirimentation – More eggy fun

I decided to see how else I could peel eggs besides the secret method revealed by mother-in-law.  This is probably a result of watching a few too many episodes of Mythbusters.   I love it when they blow stuff up and take things to ridiculous extremes, just because they can.  My family is genuinely entertained by exploding toilets and the scientific experiments involving body fluids.

Oh wait… eggs.

So, if I can’t open an egg by gently cracking the shell open and peeling it, how else can I do it?

a silly eggspiriment

How eggs-actly can I open an egg?

(i crack myself up)

I tried whacking it open with a sharp knife…

what happens when you whack an egg with a knife

… and while this produced some stunning (IMHO) photographs, the egg was essentially unpeelable.  My kids ate the yolk, and the rest went in the trash can.

i think there might be a bit of shell in that egg

One more time in slow-motion, just because I can and I think it’s cool looking.

cool slow mo of egg destruction

(Updated: apparently, this CAN work, at least according to Pinterest.

The easy way to peel eggs

Or maybe not.)

I tried to tap-tap-tap around the middle (or roll gently) without first tapping the north and south poles of the egg…

… which didn’t work so well.  The egg was still peelable, but it wasn’t pretty any more.

one ugly egg

I discovered that my kids both love hard boiled eggs, preferably with a little salt and pepper.  I like mine with plain seasoned salt on them…

yummy egg

… preferably with the center still slightly warm.

Are you tired of eggs yet?  

silly eggs-pirmentation with

how not to peel an egg

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  1. comeoverforcoffee says:

    You made me laugh out loud with that “I crack myself up” line. Love it!

  2. I love your photos on this post! Are the egg shells blue? I never thought about putting seasoned salt on a hardboiled egg. May have to try that and have the kids try them again.

  3. i dyed the eggs blue with some easter egg dye. it made them easier to photograph. white egg shells and egg white are really hard to tell apart in a photo!

    seasoned salt and hard boiled eggs is a perfect pairing to me, but it may not work for everyone.

    i have one kiddo who will only eat the white parts. i can live with that.

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