Photo Friday – The Cameras Edition

photo friday Welcome to Photo Friday, the cameras edition.

I love great photos.  At times, I’ve taken some really good ones.  I’ve taken way way way too many bad ones too.

I made the mistake of packing my “big girl” camera for the remodel.  I didn’t want to lose it, so I packed it somewhere safe.

I made the mistake of repeatedly loosing my point-and-shoot.

So for the past year or so, almost every photo of my family is from my iPhone.

Now I’m wondering… how many photos did I miss because of the camera I didn’t have?  Or how many mediocre shots would have been amazing if I only had a different (better) camera?  Just how much can the instragram filters compensate for.

I’ve uncovered my “big girl” camera, but not any way to load the photos from the camera to my computer.

I even wrote a haiku poem in honor of my camera.

I really miss good cameras!

I miss being able to play with depth of field. I miss being all geeked out about lighting sources and tripods and stuff. But most of all, I miss being able to freeze my children’s childhood and paste it to a page.

I’ve been wondering how my blog will evolve when I get all the photography kinks worked out.  Will I write less words and rely more on pictures?  Will I change what I write about to include more visual content like tutorials?  Will my work become more Pinteresting?  While I’d like to believe that my writing stands up on it’s own, without photos, I know that isn’t always true.  Sometimes, the photos add to the story.  Then again, sometimes they don’t.

As happy as my reunion with my big girl camera is (It’s a Nikon D70 from 2005), I confess I’ve been secretly peeking at the new cameras too.  I’m hopeless.

Tell me, do you have a favorite camera or are you satisfied with “just a phone?”

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