EEEEK – It’s Menu Monday and I have no plan!

Menu MondayEEEEK – It’s Menu Monday and I have no plan!  I”m sitting here on Sunday night, scrambling to get my menu planned so I can post it on schedule tomorrow.

And I realized something.  I don’t write this post for anyone buy myself.  To the best of my knowledge, my menu planning posts are some of my LEAST read posts.  But I love doing them anyway.  Having to write a menu planning post means that I actually have to plan my menus.

And I’m finally convinced that menu planning is a worthwhile activity.

Waking up with a plan on Monday really does make a difference.  Having some sort of an idea what we’re eating all week reduces my stress level.  It also helps us eat healthier and stay on budget.  Pretty cool benefits.

My kids are in VBS this week, and then there’s just three LONG weeks until my kids start back to school.  My intention is to start packing their lunches this week (even though they will eat them at home) to make sure they’ll actually eat the lunches I pack for them.   It’s part of my whole “jump start” plan that involves getting the kids back on a school routine now instead of waiting until the last minute like we normally do.

So hopefully before school starts, I’ll be able to share some kid-tested school lunch plans.

This week, I’ll be testing out some of these lunch ideas:

  • Macaroni and cheese individual bakes, fresh fruit, veggies with greek ranch, water
  • Spaghetti with meat sauce bakes, fresh fruit, yogurt smoothie
  • Yogurt parfait with toppings, whole grain treat, peanut butter apple, water
  • Mini meatloaf, sweet potato cubes, baked apples with yogurt, water
  • Waffles, sausage, yogurt parfait, water
  • French toast strips, sausage, yogurt parfait, water
  • Grilled meat, steamed veggies with greek ranch, fresh fruit, whole grain treat, water

I’ll be implementing out school breakfast routine and pushing lots of oatmeal and eggs to provide a protein rich start to the day.

With all of that going on, I’ll be keeping dinner simple and quick.

I’m planning at least two no-cook dinners.

  • Monday: Waffles and sausage
  • Tuesday: Spaghetti and meat sauce with green salad
  • Wednesday:  Quesadilla night from leftovers (I have chicken and ground beef in the freezer already)
  • Thursday: The rotisserie chicken meal (my kids could eat this several nights a week).
  • Friday: Pizza

Happy Menu Monday friends, and have a great day.

What is everyone else eating this week?  Is anyone else working on school lunch ideas yet?

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  1. That is a great idea to start packing the lunches now as a test. Also, how does the mac and cheese work? Is it good cold, can they warm them at school, or is this a home only lunch?

    • I’ll post a better photo explanation on the mac and cheese once I’ve done it. The theory is to take regular mac-n-cheese and put a single serving into a muffin tin while warm. Top it with a little more cheese and let that topping melt. Cool it in the refrigerator, then pop out. It looks like a mac-n-cheese muffin. I tried this once before but the kids didn’t like it at room temp.

      My intention is to try it at room temp (or whatever temp it is after sitting in their lunchbox a few hours. If that doesn’t work, I may give in and send warm mac-n-cheese in a thermos container. I’m also concerned that one muffin may not be enough food for my growing boys. That’s why I’m testing it this summer.

      I make my mac-n-cheese with a whole grain high protein pasta. I played with various additives (pureed carrots, zucchini, and white beans) to make it healthier, but the kids rejected all efforts to stick veggies into the dish. Sigh.

  2. I like to do a weekly menu, too. I also feel organized when I know what we are eating for the week, plus it makes grocery shopping so much easier. School lunches are in the back of my mind, but I am taking the month of July off before devoting too much thought to it – I think about it too much over during the other 11 months of the year!

    • We got of out school mid-May and only have a month more before school starts. I started shopping school supply sales this week and am ordering school uniforms too. So it’s time for me to start thinking school lunch. Last year, the boys were stuck in the PJ&J rut. After eating it 3-4x a week, they finally burned out. Thank goodness. While I’m glad they’re branching out the food choices, I have a super picky eater to work around.

      When you do get around to thinking about lunch planning, I’d love to hear your best ever lunchbox menu.

  3. I can’t function without a menu. I’m not one of those homemakers who can open the refrigerator door and create something. I’ve been making menus forever!

    • i admire your discipline. i always feel like i lose my creativity in the kitchen when confined to a menu plan. i know it’s good for me, but i miss the seat of the pants thrill of creating dinner out of tonights secret ingredient.

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