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rules to live by - do not wipe your nose on the carpetAs a mom, I’m amazed at the rules to live by I end up teaching my kids.  I never expected to have to explain, explicitly, why my kids should do something I would NEVER have thought of doing to being with.  Sometimes I’m amazed at the words that come out of my mouth.

I found this snippet in my journal recently and just had to share.  The memory makes me laugh and giggle!  It’s from February 2009, so Watty would have been three.  When I shared the story with my husband, he had no recollection of it ever happening, but he was laughing too. Thankfully, I think my kids don’t do this any more (at least that I know of!).  Perhaps it’s now one of their rules to live by.

Rules to live by from my journal:

Two nights ago, Watty was working a puzzle on the floor and kept leaning down and rubbing his face on the carpet.  It took me a few repeats to realize something was up.  I watched, and sure enough, he had a runny nose and was wiping his snotty nose on the carpet.  Of course, I said “don’t wipe your nose on the carpet.”  His reply was classic.  “I’m not wearing a shirt!”  Boys.  I swear I’m going to wear this spot-bot out before the kids are potty trained! Rules to Live By: Don’t wipe your nose on the carpet.

Now that you’ve finished laughing, it’s confession time.  I’d love to hear a story of something your kids have done that made your laugh.  Better yet, I’d love to hear a story where some crazy rule came out of your mouth.

Do you have anything to share?

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  1. Too funny. And I swear my oldest son did that when he was 3. One of our rules is no farting at the dinner table….though I think most moms of boys probably have had to note this rule out loud before. 🙂

    • Ugh. we have the same “no farting” rule, but it’s hard to enforce. i love my boys. but sometimes, i just want to paint a room pink and decorate it with lace and kittens.

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