10 Happy Mom Questions for perfect mothers

10 happy mom questionI wanted to compile a list of ten happy mom questions — questions that my kids could ask me that would make me a very happy mom.  When I started making a list, my goal was to find ways to be thankful for my children and to identify things they do that bring my happiness.  But I couldn’t stop at ten!  These started rolling out faster than I could type them!  The only thing that slowed me down was my laughter at how impossible or improbable these were for my family.  This is the stuff of fantasy… the kind of questions perfect children ask perfect moms.  What began as an exercise in gratefulness quickly turned into a lesson in humor and unrealistic expectations.  

Happy Mom Questions that I can dream about:

  1. Can I please take the trash outside?
  2. Is it my turn to change the cat litter box, please?
  3. Can I have more peas and broccoli?
  4. Can I go to be early please?  (watty)
  5. Is there any extra homework I could do this summer?
  6. Is it OK if I read instead of playing video games?
  7. Do you like the way I organized all my legos and swept the floor clean?
  8. Will you please make salad for dinner?
  9. Can we listen to your grown-up music some more?
  10. Do you have any more chores I can do?
  11. Where would you like me to put these toys I want to give to charity?
  12. Can we have avocado egg salad sandwiches?
  13. Did you make enough green smoothie for me to enjoy with you?
  14. Can I read you a book?

Yeah, like those would ever happen.   Excuse my while I crack myself up.

Once I was done being unrealistic and perfectionistic, I recognized that there are questions they actually DO ask me that are equally delightful.   My kids do a ton of things right, and I’m thankful for that.  I’m proud of who they are becoming and it makes me happy to see them doing good stuff.

10 ACTUAL Happy Mom Questions that have been heard in my home:

  1. Can I give you a hug?
  2. Can you help me read this book?
  3. Would you like some of my cookie?
  4. Did you miss me today?
  5. Can you sit with me?
  6. Will you make me another hat?
  7. Can I have broccoli instead of french fries?  (yes, Watty seriously has asked this.  i almost fainted)
  8. Can I go to bed yet? (gogo)
  9. Can I please go take a bath?
  10. Will you order me water instead of sprite please?

Sigh.  I thought about ways I could take that top list (the ones that make me giggle at their impossibility) and turn it into stuff that would actually happen.  For most of them, I have no clue beyond patience and persistent parenting.   Deep sigh.  I picked one (#8) and decided to work on it, using baby steps.

Now it’s your turn.

Go make your own list of “impossible” happy mom questions.  Stuff that’s so impossible you know your kids would never say it.  It never hurts us to dream, and a good laugh is a good thing.  Then pick one thing on that list and start working on it.  Or, go make your own list of “actual” happy mom questions that you are thankful for.  

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