Celebrating good choices – photo Friday

good choices - ninja swimmingI love it when my kids make good choices.  Sometimes, it makes me want to celebrate.  Nothing major, just a little spike in the end-zone.

Photo Friday is the one post each week where I try to let good photographs drive the story, instead of the other way around.   I miss my good camera (it’s in storage) and the ability to take “serious photos” for each post.  Sigh.

This week, Watty turned off the television without prompting.  He walked away from video games (a new one) and went swimming instead.  He told me it was because he was frustrated and needed some exercise.

Talk about making good choices! Whoop!

I tried, but I probably deserve an “excessive celebration” penalty on this one.

The penalty?  It will probably not happen again for months.
good choices - swimming over video games


He even practiced his ninja kicks.
good choices include ninja kicks

Have your kids made any good choices lately? Did you celebrate? Care to share? Want to brag or show off? I’d love to celebrate with you and join in your victory dance.

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