Green Bean Potato Salad – Recipe

green bean potato salad from thishappymom.comGreen Bean Potato Salad. Yum. My mouth is doing the happy dance as I write this.  It is so delicious that I plan on having it two ways.

Tonight, we will eat it warm with grilled chicken.  The kids will eat theirs without dressing, making it a family pleasing dish.

Tomorrow, I will eat it cold.  I’ll add in a pouch of tuna fish. Hubby would want black olives, but I don’t “do” olives.  If I didn’t have tuna in the pantry, I would add in half a can of white beans… or not.  Maybe I’ll eat it with the leftover grilled chicken.  


Ingredients for Green Bean Potato Salad are pretty straight forward:

(hint, most of the ingredients are in the name of the recipe)

  • 2 cups (more or less) of fresh green beans, lightly steamed and cut into bit sized lengths.
  • 1cup (more or less) of fresh tomatoes, cut into bite sized pieces (looks like i used 9 baby tomatoes)
  • 1cup (ish) of new potatoes, quartered and cooked until they are fork tender (or use a leftover baked russet potato like i did)
  • 1/2 cup (or more or less) of basic vinaigrette
  • Salt and pepper if you want (or not)
(My, I’m feeling parenthetical today aren’t I?)


Vinaigrette is pretty straight forward to make at home.  If you are want, you can use the store-bought stuff.  Aim for something heavy on balsamic and mustard flavors.  I’ll post my recipe shortly.  You could dress this with a little olive oil and balsamic in a pinch.

To assemble the green bean potato salad:

Combine all ingredients in a bowl.  Add the dressing while the potatoes are still warm! This will let them absorb more dressing.

I think the last time I made this, I wished for some fresh tarragon leaves in the salad.  Just a thought.  I wish I had fresh tarragon.

 What’s your favorite non-lettuce salad to serve in the summer?

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