Hallelujah Hawaii (My Kids Make Me Laugh)

My Kids Make Me Laugh @thishappymom.comMy kids make me laugh, and they’ll make you laugh too. Hallelujah Hawaii HaHa Story. Just wait… it’s worth it.

We were driving this past weekend, headed home.  Looking at the sky, it was dark and stormy ahead of us. Big, black, billowing clouds filled the horizon. There were flecks of lightning, gusts of wind, and the ominous rolls of thunder. It was pretty clear we were headed into a “frog strangler” of a downpour. (That’s southern for lots of rain in a hurry).

After last year’s drought, rain is kind of a big deal to my kids. Every time it rains, they ask me if it’s a hurricane, a flood, or a tornado. Their conversation just cracked me up, and they weren’t even trying to be funny.

Watty:  It’s a good thing we have a house!  if we lived in 1881 we’d be dead.
Hubby: Huh?

(i can’t blame my husband for his response.  it was one of those statements that came out of left field.)

Watty: They didn’t have houses in 1881, they lived in huts. we need a house to protect us from this storm.
Hubby: They had houses in 1881.
Watty: Not in Hawaii.
Hubby: That might be true, but we aren’t in Hawaii.

(i honestly don’t know WHAT they lived in in Hawaii in 1881, or why 1881 was such an important year to watty.)

GoGo: I know the capital of Hawaii.  it’s HALLELUJAH!
Me: Don’t you mean Honolulu?
Watty: It’s hard to say “honalujah”.
GoGo:  (singing) Glory, Glory Honolulu.

Y’all, I cracked up. It was just too much.

 My kids make me laugh.

Daily. I love that.

But seriously, I think I’ll be reviewing the capitals of the U.S. using one of those cool Geography games I reviewed recently. Hallelujah Hawaii (shakes head and laughs).

I went and Googled it, nothing interesting or cool that I could find.

Go listen to your kids and find something that makes you laugh. I’d love to hear your stories.

wait... Glory, Glory Honolulu?

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