Five Minute Friday – Dance? But I *don’t* dance.

5 minute friday @ thishappymom.comFive Minute Friday… on Sunday. Today’s topic? Dance.  The rules are simple.  Write for five minutes on a the selected topic.  Then post. No editing. No re-writes. No rethinking. Just bare naked posting.


Great. I don’t dance.

Well, I do, but only when the music is good and no one is looking.

Well, I’ll dance in front of my kids, but only if they don’t laugh. Or if they laugh and dance with me.

Why? Why don’t I dance? I dance like a middle aged white girl who never learned to dance. My feet stay still while my middle moves around and my arms move in the air. Not exactly something I want my friends and neighbors to see.

If I danced at a wedding, it would end up on Funniest Home Videos – at least in a montage.

But secretly, I like to dance.  As a girl, I wished my mom would sign me up for ballet, but I never told her.  Even now, I’m not certain what she would have said.

David danced in the Bible.  Does that mean I’m supposed to dance too?  I chair dance.  Does that count?

dance dance dance dance dance.  What else can I say in five minutes about dance when I don’t dance.

Why did I sign up for five minute friday on a day that featured a topic i don’t do? probably because i like a challenge.  maybe because i want to push myself.  i like walking tightropes?  in public?

in some ways writing is like dancing.  there is a rhythm to the written word, an ebb and flow of sentence structures and patterns.  some parts are loud, while others draw you closer with a whisper.

sometimes, the paragraphs are short. and. static.  like the peppered drumming of a latin disco song.

at other times, the paragraphs are long and flowing in their eloquence.  the words sweep in and out like two lovers dancing a slow waltz on a dance floor all their own.  the eyes linger on the beauty of the long sweeping words, get lost in the complexities of sentence structure, and then finally come to rest on a comma.  just. like. dance.

Five Minute Friday

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