How to Make Enchiladas (according to a 4 year old)

If you got here hoping for a recipe about how to make enchiladas, sorry.  I’ll post that recipe soon.  It’s a really good recipe.  Honest.

As I’ve mentioned before, I used to have a food blog.  It was pretty, I loved it, but I had to stop.  I listed my reasons in a previous post, and as I disclosed then, I’m slowly re-using content from my other blog.  Not all of it, just the good stuff.

I wanted to share Watty’s recipe for making cheese enchiladas from a few years back.  He was four, and he drew the pictures.  He was so proud!  He told me the exact recipe and everything.  Then he fully expected me to cook enchiladas for dinner.

cheese enchiladas in the eyes of a 4 year old

Enchiladas (according to Watty)
Step 1: get the stuff to wrap the cheese in (notice the purple swirling lines, those are the tortilla part)

Step 2: put the cheese in (notice the yellow/orange line in the middle of the purple tortilla)

Step 3: put it in the oven (notice the brown box drawn around the enchiladas)

Step 4: eat! (notice the smiling faces)

Here was my version. Check to see that we have corn tortillas (yep — at least I don’t have to make those from scratch). Check to see that we have enough cheese (yep). Look for a recipe for enchilada sauce (check, google is a great cooking tool). Read several recipes and realize they all call for canned tomato sauce. Look for a recipe for tomato sauce (again, google rocks). Make tomato sauce. Make enchilada sauce. Make rice (from a mix). “Make” beans (from a can). Thaw frozen avocado mash. Grate cheese. Assemble the enchildas with child assistance. Assemble dinner. Feed to family. Run dishwasher for 4th time today.

It would have been easier to take them out to eat, and our favorite Mexican restaraunt even has kids eat free tonight.  My kitchen was a total disaster and I thought it was worth every bit of the mess.  How often do you get a chance to follow a recipe like this?  He even put in check mark boxes so he could keep up with each step as I cooked!

To say that those were a food of love would be a total under statement.


Looking back, I was a little crazy.  Why not go to the store or postpone enchilada night?  Because Watty was (and is) convinced his mamma can could anything, no matter what.  I don’t want to disillusion the child because frankly, I like a little hero worship.

Out of curiosity, what crazy stuff have you done to meet your child’s expectation?  

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