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I read about the Child Training Bible on Hodge Podge Mom when she had a give away.  I loved the idea, and I didn’t want to just wait for one of my own, hoping I’d win one.  So, I ordered one, direct form the Child Training Bible people.   I followed their links and bought the supplies I needed from Amazon.  I did not receive any compensation for this review.  I’m reviewing it because I think it’s an awesome tool.  I’ve been struggling to find something like this for several years.  When I finally read about it online, my immediate response was “where has this been!  how haven’t i known about this?  why didn’t someone tell me sooner!”

The package from CTB (Child Training Bible) shipped quickly and arrived as expected.  The instructions were clear.  I couldn’t have been happier, except that it was intimidating. When I got it, I was a little overwhelmed with all that color coded highlighting and page flagging.  I thought it would take days!  It took me under four hours, with parenting interruptions.  Mine isn’t perfect, but that’s ok… I’m not perfect either.

I have to admit I was totally blessed while making this kit.  I had expected it to be a useful tool in disciplining (and discipling) my own children.  What I hadn’t expected was to be able to use it for myself.   The scriptures chosen on laziness, envy, and anger apply just as equally to my own life as they do for my kids.  As I was making the Child Training Bible, I prayed and asked God to reveal specific scriptures to use in praying for my family this week.  I prayed for guidance and wisdom.    I got what I prayed for.

This week, I declared war on the whining, complaining, and arguing in my home.  I found so much strength from reading and highlighting scriptures on complaining, disobedience, fighting, tattling, quarreling, selfishness, making excuses, and not listening (each of those is a separate topic in the CTB, and there are more!)   I think my favorite verse was in Titus.  I don’t remember reading it before, but it totally validated what I was working on as I assembled the Child Training Bible!

Remind them to be submissive to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready for every good work, to speak evil of no one, to avoid quarreling, to be gentle, and to show perfect courtesy toward all people.  Titus 3:1-2 ESV

I think that sums up my role as a mother much of the time.  I love how scripture can speak new fresh things into my heart each day.

Implementing it with my kids was easier than expected.  I followed the instructions that were given.  I even let my kids read the instructions so they knew I wasn’t making stuff up.  The kids were receptive, respectful, and responsive.  What more could you ask for!  I’m excited to implement the Child Training Bible as part of our every day lives.

edited to add: I totally forgot to explain what this Bible does. I was that excited. Doh! You get a set of color coded cards that have different topics on them. The topics include things like unforgiveness, the gospel, making excuse, jealousy, and impatience. Each topic has a set of scriptures, along with key questions to ask your child. You ask your child about their behavior compared to God’s standard as exemplified in scripture. They even include a scripture based prayer for you to pray over your child as well as one the child can pray for themselves. The color coding gets transferred over to the bible via highlights and post-it note flags. Having the scriptures pre-marked and color coded makes it MUCH easier to find them in heat of a teachable moment.

I wish they made a Mom Training Bible just for me.  I’d love one with all of Beth Moore’s scriptures for praying down strong holds.  Hmmm, maybe I could make one…  Even if you don’t have kids, the process of marking a bible like this is valuable.  Having a quick and easy reference of scriptures that address your weak points is something valuable to everyone (not just parents).   If you’ve ever done Donna Partow’s study on Becoming the Woman God Wants Me to Be (tough, but awesome), this same concept could easily be used where she instructs you to make a list of Power Tools that she talks about on day 4.

I would recommend the Child Training Bible to parents who seek to teach and discipline their children using scriptural wisdom.  I would also recommend it to anyone who needs a handy reference tool for applying scripture to their daily living.

Here’s the link to Donna’s book on Amazon if you are curious: Becoming the Woman God Wants Me to Be: A 90-Day Guide to Living the Proverbs 31 Life.


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