No brats allowed for Photo Friday

We aren’t raising brats here at the HappyMom household.

In case you can’t read the book title, it is I Refuse to Raise a Brat by Marilu Henner.  You can click on the Amazon link and read the reviews for yourself.

I think this book got thrown away before I actually managed to read it.  I bought it because of the title.  I really didn’t want my child to turn into a brat, and with a second child already on the way, I was highly motivated to get things right (two brats would have been too much!). Shortly after this picture was taken, there was an explosive incident involving mushy peas (or was it prunes) while my son was sitting on the book.   We have always wondered if the book’s destruction was symbolic or ironic or just plain funny. Honestly, I don’t recall enough about the book to give it a review one way or another.  I just like the photo. *

In my house, we use the phrase “I refuse to negotiate with terrorists” when our kids try to get stuff with temper tantrums or other hysteria.  We think the phrase is a reference to this book.  One way or the other, we are not raising brats.

I confess it’s not the only parenting book my kids have messed with.  They hid my copy of Lisa Whelchel’s Creative Correction book twice! That one was definitely a deliberate response to the book. Parenting is such an adventure.  That was probably something brats would have done, but at least we (creatively) corrected them for their little stunt.  (sorry, i couldn’t resist)

* This is obviously back when I thought reading parenting books would magically change how my child behaved.  Don’t you just love how naive we are as new parents?  Now I know better – reading parenting blogs is so much cheaper.  Just kidding, kind of.  Now I know that changing how my kids behave takes hard work.  The parenting books just keep me motivated and inspired.  Realistically, the best parenting book is the bible.  But you knew that, right?

Have your children ever hidden (or otherwise defaced) a parenting book?

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