Learning American Geography The Easy Way (review)

Three products I LOVE that make teaching US Geography a breeze from thishappymom.comToday’s post features THREE products that work well together to make Learning American geography easy.  Any one of the three is a great way for your kids to grasp the basics (state names, locations, major cities).  The best part is that kids think they are PLAYING, not learning.

We aren’t a flashcard kind of family, but I wanted my children to know more basic American geography than what they had learned at school (they have completed Kindergarden and 2nd grade, I’m being ambitious).  Instead, I decided to approach teaching my kids the basics using tools they already love.  Since I couldn’t find a Lego state map kit, that translated into video games, puzzles, and family board games.

I use video games to encourage learning American geography.

As I’ve disclosed before, my kids play games on my iPhone and iPad.  There are some games I wish they weren’t quite so fascinated with, and others that I’m delighted to let them play.  Since this one means they are learning American geography, I’m thrilled when my kids play Stack The States.   If you haven’t seen it, go check it out.

The kids love playing this game collaboratively (two boys with one screen) or independently.  When they first started playing, I had to help them read quite a few of the state names and provided a lot of assistance in getting the questions right.  Since I was a little rusty on my state capitals, I played it some when my kids weren’t looking.  I have to admit, it was fun for me to play.   After a month or so, the boys were able to read the questions for themselves and did not need as much assistance on getting the right answers.

I use big giant maps for learning American geography.

They did ask for a map so they could learn the map of the United States better.  I bought them one.  You could probably guess, I ordered it from Amazon.  I got them the Melissa & Doug USA Map 51 pcs Floor Puzzle (warning, that will take you to Amazon). It’s a giant floor puzzle. We were talking about a family vacation where we drove from Texas to Florida. The kids acted out the trip by walking on their map… and then driving a small car across the route.

I love how this is such a physical way for kids to learn about the states.  For a touch-and-feel learner (like one of mine) this is a huge help!

I use family games that reward learning American geography.

Recently, I bought a State Trivia game from Amazon too (yep, that photo takes you to Amazon). It’s another GameWright game. We’ve had fun with every game of theirs we own, and this was no exception. Their games are always creative, a little funky, and beautifully made. This was no exception. This one is based on a book of the same name. I haven’t read the book, but it looks fun (great artwork).

The kids had fun. I had fun. I was amazed at how much they knew about the states.

Bottom line, this is a great line up for learning American geography without even trying.

Question:  Do you have any other great learning games for kids?

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