Thankful Thoughts: I Love Tortilla Faces

Today’s Thankful Thoughts are all about the Tortilla Face.

We have no idea when or why it started, but GoGo makes tortilla faces at every opportunity.

I have photographs of him holding a tortilla in front of his face going back almost FOUR YEARS.  He started when he was two.  

thankful for tortilla faces

Those early photos have simple bitten holes for the eyes.  At five, his creations were complete with mouth, nose, eyes, and even hair.  But as he approaches first grade, his tortilla face enthusiasm is waning.  There have been a few times in recent months that he simply *gasp* ate the tortilla.

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I missed taking photos of each and every tortilla face.

Many of them are only “heart pictures” that will fade gently with the passing of time.  Some of them were never fully appreciated in my impatience with my child’s poor eating habits, boisterous nature, and embarrassing table manners.

thankful thoughts

But now, I treasure each one. One of these faces may very well be the LAST tortilla face ever.   When that happens, it will be just another tiny milestone in GoGo’s march towards adulthood.

I adore his tortilla faces.

They remind me of all the precious “baby” moments that have already slipped by. They remind me of all the “big kid” moments that are still to come. They are gentle reminders to treasure each and every day with my children, no matter how silly they seem at the time.

Edited November 2013 – When I originally shared this in July 2012, I had no idea how true my words were.  He made his last tortilla face only a few weeks later.

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. So sweet! Your gratitude is contagious.

    • aww… thanks. that’s part of why i share. i want to encourage all moms to treasure the everyday moments and quirky milestones.

      i’m blown away by the fact that he stopped making tortilla faces shortly after i posted this. i have the very last tortilla face on my camera. if i hadn’t written this post, i probably would have missed it. What a gift!

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