Water balloon fight! My Kids Make Me Laugh

my kids make me laugh from thishappymom.comI encouraged my kids to have a water balloon fight. I even taught them to fill the balloons. I had to tie all the balloon knots until some older kids in the neighborhood joined in the fun. Then I was free to sit back and take pictures.

I had so much fun watching my boys discovering classic summer fun.  I have fond memories of water balloon fights from my days of summer camp as a Girl Scout.  Watching my kids, I got to re-live those old happy memories.

But, they’re boys.  They took water balloons in an entirely different direction than I ever did.

Of course, filling all those balloons was hot work. So I gave out popsicle to everyone.

Water balloons and popsicle for the whole neighborhood. Isn’t that was summer is for?

The water balloons became sprinkler tag and then water guns. It was good clean fun.

My kids said their favorite part was when I joined in the water balloon fight.

That’s right, I snuck in the house and filled up a few balloons on the sly.  I grabbed an empty spray bottle and filled it with ice water.  Then I launched a sneak attach.

Moms can play too!

Take time to play with your kids.  They’ll make you laugh with delight.

How have you played with your kids recently?  I’d love to know.


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Susan Baker

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