Life with two under two. Photo Friday Fun.

If you’ve ever wondered what life is like with two under two, here’s a little peek. Elapsed time? About two minutes.  Ages?  GoGo is 4 or 5 months old.  Watty is 20 to 21 months.  I was feeling about 80.

Gimme the paci GoGo, it’s my turn.

Wait, take it back! Don’t Cry!

Finally! Got the paci in GoGo’s mouth.

All better. Look! A Duck.

Trade? I promise the duck tastes as good as the paci.

two under two

OK, OK! Take the paci. Don’t cry.

Who me? I wasn’t stealing the paci from GoGo. Honest mommy.

FAQ answers about my life with two under two:

  1. Yes, the both slept in the same room, in separate cribs. GoGo eventually taught his older brother how to climb out of the cribs.
  2. I was still nursing when I got pregnant the second time.
  3. It was God’s timing and we viewed it as a blessing.  Still do.
  4. I was 38 and 39 when I had my kids.  That was all my body could handle.
  5. I went from December 2003 to around October 2007 without sleeping through the night.
  6. Yes, I was tired.  I’ve recovered.
  7. Yes, you can do it.  God puts the love and strength in your heart to see you through.
  8. It gets easier with each milestone of the younger child.
  9. Yes, they are close.  They fight like normal siblings, but they love to play together.
  10. Yes, they did engage in twin speak for a time.

Where was I during these photos?  I think I was changing clothes from a diapering incident.  I’m pretty sure that Watty was in-between outfits for the same incident. They were supervised by the man behind the camera.  If you look closely, you can see that GoGo was propped up and repositioned a time or two during the photos – a clear sign of adult supervision of some kind.  I just know it wasn’t mine because I would have fixed that peek-a-boo diaper from the unsnapped sleeper legs.  I would have also wiped the drool off.  But honestly, I think those little details totally tell the story now.

If you have stories about your life with two under two, I’d love to hear them.  I’m also happy to answer questions and provide a listening ear.  I know it’s hard.  I promise it’s worth it and that it gets easier as they grow.

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  1. You were right! 2 under 2 looked good on your family. <3
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