Three (more) gifts every mom needs

No matter what your Christmas budget is, there are a few gifts every mom needs (and can’t afford to do without!)

Last year, I shared one of my favorite Christmas posts of all time over a Mothering From Scratch as a MOMtor.  It was titled 3 Gifts Every Mom Can Give Herself.

You really should read the whole thing! In short, I suggested that you give yourself patience, perspective, and simplicity.  

(Those are still amazing gifts to give yourself.  They’re the perfect size and color and everything.)

This year, I’ve got three NEW gifts you should give yourself.   In my house, the very best gifts are the ones we pick out and give ourselves.  Before I order anything else pre-gift-wrapped from Amazon, I need to make sure I’ve given myself the very best gifts of all.

what every mom needs

Three gifts every mom needs

First, give yourself grace.

Grace – being given what we don’t deserve and can never earn.   A gift that is generous, free and totally unexpected and undeserved.  Blessing. Forgiveness. Love.

It’s easy to get caught up in the all the “church talk” about how important it is that we show grace to one another.  But sometimes, grace needs to start a little closer to the heart.

Love yourself.

Forgive yourself.

Celebrate the blessings in your life.

If you give yourself nothing else this year, wrap yourself up in grace.  Accept the gift of Grace from God.  Treasure the grace shown by family and friends.  Give yourself grace.

Give yourself laughter.

Make time to laugh with your kids.  Treasure the moments just before sleep when you can snicker with your spouse.  Celebrate the giggles you find with girl friends.

Laughter is an amazing thing.  It removes tension, resets our moods, removes years from our faces, and makes many things right.  Besides, it’s a great ab workout.

Take time to laugh.

Looking back on this past year, some my best memories are the ones bathed in laughter.  I’m amazed to discover that the times of inconvenient laughter are the ones I treasure most.

I don’t regret a single time I made time to laugh.  Not the silent fit of giggles in the bathroom of the funeral home (you had to be there).  Not the time we were late to school because of a tickle fight.  Not the times we missed half of church laughing in the breezeway.

Give yourself peace.

Peace – a time without conflict, a time of harmony and order.

As a mom, I crave peace and stillness more than at any other phase of my life.  I want quiet.  I want order and calm.  I want to be able to finish a thought without being bombarded with life.

Find peace.

Peace is hidden in the unlikeliest of places.

three things every mom needs

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  1. LOVE all of these Susan. And the next time my kids ask me what I want I am going to list these 3 things! :)-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted..Does Your House Have A War On Christmas Music, Too?My Profile

  2. My family went on a little weekend outing last weekend, and I told my husband that sometimes in the routines of everyday life that I forget to lighten up and laugh. I laughed more last weekend than I normally do in a week. I want my children to remember me joking around and laughing with them. Peace and grace are very much needed gifts also. Thank you for sharing
    Jolene recently posted..A weekend roadtripMy Profile

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