Meet the Happy Family behind This Happy Mom

a little about thishappymomI’d like you to meet my Happy Family at This Happy Mom.

Imagine that they’re all standing over my shoulder waiving at you as I type this post.  Look, they’re waiving!  Wave back.

Family, meet my amazing reader.

Reader, meet my amazing family.

They say “hi” and then wander off.

I talk about them all the time, but I realized I’d never actually formally introduced my family.  Sorry about that.  Now that you’ve been formally introduced.  Let me tell you a little bit about each of them.

Let me tell you about my husband.

this is MY happy dad!  hubby.I threatened to call him “HappyDad” to go with “HappyMom” but he wasn’t impressed.  We settled on Hubby.

Hubby is great at fixing things, a computer geek, and an all around great guy.  He works too much (and keeps crazy hours) and likes to leave his tools out for weeks on end as he works on a project.  He likes to hunt and fish when he can find time.  He’s known for being a bit of a diesel head too.  As crazy as it sounds, I love every bit of what I just wrote.  He’s perfect for me just the way he is (except maybe for the tools on my kitchen countertop).

He’s the head of our happy family.

And of course, the kids.

Watty is my older son.

He’s what teachers politely refer to as “energetic and enthusiastic” and he is headed into third grade.  We minimize the sugar and processed foods that he gets to eat, and it seems to make a difference.  He has an amazing curiosity for science, loves to fantasize about dragons and super heroes, and is kind of obsessed with legos.  He will talk your ear off if you let him.these are my happy boys

GoGo is the younger boy.

He’s a whopping 16 months younger than his brother, but TWO years apart in school.  He got the “diligence” character award this year.  At his kindergarten graduation, he stated that when he grows up, he wants to “protect people from danger.”  He is the stronger willed of my boys, and we’ve had some epic battles.  He shares his brother’s love for legos and dragons, but is also strangely fixated on small kittens.  He makes an awesome accountability partner.  He’s also the go-to guy in the house when I need help accessorizing.

My kids hate their nicknames and think of them as “baby names” but I’m sticking with what I love.

GoGo got his name when his “big” brother toddled up to to the crib at the hospital and loudly proclaimed “ITS A GOGO!”

We have no idea why.

Watty doesn’t remember why.  He was all of 16 months and 3 days old at the time, so it’s best not to ask too many questions.  GoGo gave his brother the name Watty when he was about the same age.  Fair is fair.  The names stuck.

I should warn you – If you call either of them by their “baby names” to their faces, they have threatened to “punch you in the pants.”

Of course, there is the obligatory Pet

misti being a happy catMisti is the cat.

She’s old and grouchy and NOT MY CAT.  She belongs to my husband.  I think that explains why I refuse to change the litter box.  My relationship with the cat is… complicated.

I should note that Misti is *not* her real name.  It’s the internet and I want to protect her from cyber-stalking.

My kids are in negotiations for something reptilian or amphibian to add to the family.  So we may have a new addition soon.


Now that you’ve met my family, would you care to introduce me to yours?

Susan Baker
I have a passion for encouraging weary worn out mothers to find joy in everyday motherhood and peace in unlikely places. I have two elementary school boys, one nerdy husband, and two cats. I have a strange fascination for bad puns, the color pink, socks, and books. I worry about running out of toilet paper, wine, and chocolate.. I serve an amazing God. I live an ordinary life filled with wonder.
Susan Baker
Susan Baker

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