How I became “This Happy Mom” (part 2)

how i became this happy momThis is the second post covering the story of how I became “This Happy Mom.”

Last time, I told you the story of God speaking to me in a big narrator voice (not exactly) and how we ended up with a disco Christmas tree.

After God called my attention to all those contentious woman verses in Proverbs (and I was done pouting) I made up my mind to be happy (or at least fake it).  

I knew that my unhappiness was causing my kids to be unhappy and miserable.

I was pretty sure it was having a similar impact on my husband.

We had been living the old saying “If Momma ain’t happy, then ain’t nobody happy.”

I decided to test to see if the opposite was true.  “If Momma’s happy, then everyone is happy.”

I was determined to give my kids a good Christmas…

…even if we were living in a hotel room and even if our remodel was in the ditch and over budget.   I knew that meant I had to be in the Christmas spirit even if I didn’t want to be.

Step one was letting the kids go crazy at the dollar store to create the disco Christmas tree.

Step two was scavenging through my home to see if there was anything Christmas-y left in the house.

We had three rooms that were supposed to be off limits during the remodel, and I had half the contents of the house crammed into those three rooms.  (I also needed to unearth the kids winter clothing and a jacket for me.  I’d packed us up in June and didn’t exactly plan for needing Christmas attire when I packed.)

christmas decor during a remodel

This is how I decorated my home for Christmas during the remodel. NOTHING like Pinterest!

I unearthed solid gold humor.

I found our foot high animated Grinch statue (love white elephant treasures like this).  When you push a button, the Grinch swings his hips back and forth to dance.  He slings a string of Christmas lights in a circle like a vamp.  And he sings! He sings the song from the cartoon movie!

That guy makes me laugh.

I also unearthed a little Charlie Brown Christmas tree kit.  The tree looked exactly like the one in the Charlie Brown Christmas movie, and it plays music from the movie.

That makes me smile.

I managed to find the DVDs for both Christmas movies along with all the winter clothing I needed.

When I got ready to leave the house, I grabbed a box marked crafting supplies in hopes of finding some Christmasy options to satisfy (a) my need to craft and (b) my need for teacher gifts.

I left the Grinch statue and the Charlie Brown Christmas tree in the entry hall of my home.

When I told my husband about it later in the day, I dissolved in a fit of giggles.  We both laughed long and hard imagining our contractor’s response to my Christmas decorating.  It was the first laugh we’d had in months and it felt good.

Really Really Good.

Watching those Christmas classics with my husband, in a dark room lit only by the disco Christmas tree with my boys dog-piled on top of us, that hotel room felt like home. My husband agreed.

With a sigh of contentment, he whispered to me

home is where my family is.

And suddenly, I wasn’t faking it anymore.

I was actually happy. I felt myself becoming this happy mom, the mom I wanted to be.

My lesson from part 1 (the disco Christmas tree) was that happiness was a choice.

My lesson from part 2 was about how laughter and family lead me to my happy place.

Next installment, I develop a strange obsession with hats.

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