New Series: Thankful Thoughts

thankful thoughts

Introducing Thankful Thoughts

Awareness.    Appreciation.   Gratefulness.   Thankfulness.   Gratitude.   Enjoyment.   Thanksgiving.

I wanted to launch a new series on thankfulness, and Sunday seems to be the perfect day of the week to focus on the subject.  My intention is to write the Blog entry in advance and auto-schedule it for Sundays.   That lets me observe the whole “Sunday as a day of rest” thing.  It also enables me to spend my weekends focused on my family (very important).

Why thankfulness?

Well, this is a blog about being a happy mom.  I believe with all my heart that thankfulness is a key to me being a happy mom.  That’s a really big concept!  There have been entire careers built on the concept.   There are huge numbers of books about it.  I simply can tell you that it works.  Check out this definition:

Thank-ful  adj.

1. Aware and appreciative of a benefit; grateful.

2. Expressive of gratitude: a thankful smile.


Over the next few months, I’ll develop a better picture of how thankfulness contributes to me being (and staying) a happy mom.  I look forward to sharing the journey with you.

What are you thankful for today?

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