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thankful thoughts It’s Sunday morning again, and while I’m at church I wanted to share some Thankful Thoughts with you.

Actually, I’d rather you go to church this morning and come read my blog later.  If you’re pressed for time, skip the blog and just go to church.

My church rocks.

If you live in Northwest Houston and are looking for a church home, you should totally join us.

I am so thankful for my church.  Most of my real life friends are people I met there. We have awesome music, an amazing small group, and a pastor who is on fire for God.

Pastor Sal rocks. He preaches truth.  He tells great fishing stories.  He wears great shirts.   He has a heart for pre-school moms.

Before anyone at that church knew me, they already loved me and were working to meet my needs. I don’t know if was some kind of weird conspiracy to get me to return to church, or just some cosmic goodness.  (OK, I actually do know).  What I know is that they were there.

When I became a stay at home mom, Watty had just had his second birthday.  GoGo was ten months old.  I had barely graduated from the two under two club, but I still had two in diapers.

Just me, two kids, and a big house.

It was early June.  I quickly realized I had NO EARTHLY IDEA what Watty did all day at preschool.  I wasn’t in touch with his daily patterns, his eating habits, how he communicated… nothing.  I was coming off a whirl-wind romance with a high-needs high-attach baby (GoGo) where my husband spent the weekends wrangling Watty while GoGo was glued to me (yes, I was a human pacifier).

I had left a job at a company I had been at for over ten years.  All my friends still worked there.  But since they were all male engineers, it was highly inappropriate for me to continue those friendships.  I had no mom friends.  I was all alone.

It was a tough summer.  Just me and two kids, trapped in suburbia with no wiggle room in the budget.

The only thing that kept me going were two dates circled in red crayon on a hand-made calendar.

The first one was the day that Watty started in the Mother’s Day Out program at our church.  (I was desperate for a break, and having just one child sounded like pure heaven.  Watty was desperate for some peers to play with.  It was good for both of us).

The second one was the day I started MOPS (mothers of preschoolers). I eagerly anticipated a few hours where I could chat with other moms, eat food, craft, and make friends while GoGo was in loving hands in the nursery.

There was only one catch:

We weren’t going to church.

Not at the nice shiny church with the MDO and the MOPS program.  Not anywhere.  My husband and I hadn’t been to church in years, and the kids had never been.

It takes a lot of courage for me to walk into a room of women I don’t know.  I have some serious social phobias.  But I was desperate.  I had *needs* that drove me to overcome my fears.

The drop off for Watty went without a hitch.  He loved MDO.  He never looked back to say goodbye.  It was an amazing program that was there for both my boys.

The morning of my first MOPS meeting was scary, for about the first five minutes.  I was terrified that I wouldn’t be dressed right, wouldn’t know the “in” jokes of the churchy crowd, wouldn’t fit in.  I was worried they would judge me for not attending church, that they would reject me as not good enough, that they would turn their backs on me for being “sinful.”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

By the end of our first meeting, “They” had become “We”

It didn’t matter that I didn’t attend church.  I was accepted for who I was.  I had spent four hours laughing, crafting, socializing, and chatting.

I left relaxed and renewed.  I left with plans for a playdate and a lunch date.

What I didn’t know (but know now) is that there was an amazing team of ladies who had spent untold hours planning for that meeting.  It had been bathed in prayer.  They all had friends that they were excited to see during that first meeting, but in their hearts, they were planning the meeting for me.  It was planned for the isolated, exhausted mom who was desperate for a few hours of adult conversation and an encouraging word.  It was planned knowing full well that half the ladies who attended would not attend church.

It was planned for me.

I love my church because they loved me before they knew me.

I am so thankful for them!

Tell me, why do you love your church?  If you don’t go to church, I’d love to know why.

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  1. I love my church, not only is it a beautiful haven but the priest down to earth. Their sermons are connected to real life and easy to understand. Growing up, my hometown church basically yelled at as and preached at us not with us. So St. Mary’s Church in Ridgefield is a place you go to seek truth, peace and community.

    Besides there is no baby room, the priests welcome all kids, no matter how noisy they are. They want families to introduce children early to the faith and be a part of the community.

    • awww… love family services. our church provides places for kids to be, but they are welcome in service any time the parents choose. i love having my kids sitting next to me in service.

  2. I love my church because there is safety and comfort and community there. Truth be told, I haven’t made it to that many Sundays since Miles has been born. I love our small morning masses at school (I am a Catholic school teacher) and you heard it first, this year I am going to stop making excuses about nap time and meal time and make it happen. I want my son to grow up in the church and there is only one way that’s gonna happen…

    • I think it’s hard to get to church with littles in tow. It’s such a struggle, and we really do need that extra unscheduled time with them (especially working mommies). But once we made it a habit, the kids were begging to go.

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