Remodel Report: All About Laundry

Remodel Report

My remodel continues to impact my life in major ways.  From time to time, I’ll share a remodel report to let you know how things are going… mostly because I need to share.

In June of 2011, we moved out of the house as part of a major remodel. Our house was totally gutted right down to the studs, so it’s taken a bit longer than we had originally planned. Fast forward to June 2012. We are back in the house but the house isn’t finished. It’s a bit problematic. Today, I’m focused on how the remodel continues to impact my efforts to do laundry. To start with, this is supposed to be my master closet. Notice the complete lack of shelving or rods on which to hang clean clothes. Notice the construction materials stored on the floor.

Obviously, I can’t store my clothes in that closet without some effort. I’ve tried, but until recently, I was still having to climb over stuff to even reach that closet.

My master closet

Notice the lack of shelves of hanging rods?

In theory, I have THIS closet I can store stuff in. It was supposed to be the “safe” closet during the remodel. It was supposed to be somewhere I could store stuff that wouldn’t be touched. I had several places just like this.  At the start of the remodel, I put lots of our stuff into the “safe” spots so I would have access to it. As it turns out, that was a bad move.

The "safe" closet

This was supposed to be a safe place to store stuff during the remodel.

Notice the sheetrock dust?

Notice the dust?

Notice the dust? It’s on everything.

All that sheetrock dust — all over the clean clothes I stored a year ago. And did I mention that everything has that icky musty smell from being stored somewhere without air conditioning or heating?

Serious sheetrock dust

The sheetrock dust is EVERYWHERE

This is the result. A laundry room overflowing with clean clothes. I have no place else to put it! Coupled with the fact that we own too many clothes (and towels and sheets) and it’s a really big mess.

My laundry room

Where else can I store clean clothes?

I have a closet for the kids clothes that was one of those “safe” spots. I cleaned it and hung their stuff up. They keep getting into everything in there (like out of season clothing neatly folded and put on the top shelf) so I have a constant battle of re-washing anything I store in there.

Our stuff is stored in a rickety stand-alone hanging rod and a couple of plastic tubs. I’m in the process of washing and cleaning everything that was in the “safe” room. Until then, chaos rules my house.

Shelves and clothes hangers are under appreciated.

Does anyone have any ideas to help solve my storage mess?

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