Two-Fer Meals – Menu Plan Monday

menu mondayOh the joy of two-fer meals on the menu plan . I wish I was smart enough to include at least one each week! In my book, two-fer meals come in several different varieties. Each one is fabulous because I get more meals for less work and mess. I get TWO meals FOR the effort of cooking ONE meal.

Only, I’m southern, and “for” sounds more like “fer” with my accent.

There’s the two-fer meal where you cook a double batch and freeze one for later. This works for lasagne, taco meat, and most casseroles I make.

There’s the two-fer meal where you have enough leftover to send in the kids lunchboxes later in the week. Great for kid-friendly lunchbox foods, but that’s a limited list.

Then, there’s my favorite two-fer meals. These are the ones where I squeeze two dinners out of one prep without my family recognizing it as leftovers because I’ve morphed the ingredients with some magic kitchen mojo.  

This week, I’m sticking two different two-fer meals on the menu (total of four dinners) and pretty much taking the week off from mucking about in the kitchen. Since both dinners are crockpot events, it’s super simple.

My Two-Fer Meal Menu Plan

  • Monday: Bean soup with cornbread and fresh fruit.
  • Tuesday: Refried beans (last nights bean soup mashed up and cooked) with taco meat from the freezer (from a double batch, thank you) and taco fixings.
  • Wednesday: Crockpot cooked roast chicken with a corn and black bean salsa.
  • Thursday: Chicken taco soup (leftover chicken and the salsa, plus some chicken stock)
  • Friday:  Grilled stuffed portobello mushrooms for the grown ups, not sure what I’ll feed the kids

It looks a little heavy on the tex-mex theme, but I live in Texas. I swear we could eat this stuff every day of the week. I’m probably making some breakfast tacos and serving quesadillas at least once for lunch, just to top off the tex-mex theme.

What’s on your menu for the week?  Do you have any favorite two-fer menu tricks?

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  1. Great ideas! I love to cut down the prep as much as possible! Tex Mex is so versatile…and delicious.

    • i’ve got the beans in the crockpot right now. somehow having a week of easy crockpot meals ahead made monday morning a little more tolerable!

  2. comeoverforcoffee says:

    No plan yet. I need to get crackin’ on that. I hate when I start a week with no plan. Chicken breasts are defrosting, and I’m proud of that first step 🙂

    • getting the meat out of the freezer is always the hardest step for me. well, sometimes, remembering to turn the crockpot on would qualify too. enjoy your chicken tonight.

  3. LOVE the double-duty meals. Really, it’s the best (and sometimes only) way to survive! And for the record, I could do tex-mex every night too!

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