Menu Monday – The Eggs-ellence Edition

menu mondayIt’s Menu Monday (written on a Sunday) and I’ve got an egg-cellent plan for the week.  I’m still working on the theory that planning meals will actually translate into me cooking meals at home that my picky eaters will enjoy.  Some weeks it works better than others.

Last Menu Monday (the desperate housewife edition) was written with me flat on my back. I was mobile by Monday, but I’m still not able to do some heavy chores around the house.  I’m sad to say I still can’t empty the cat litter box, take out the trash, empty the dishwasher, or carry things upstairs.  I think it may be months before I recover (giggle).

This week’s menu:

Breakfasts:  scrambled eggs with toast, egg and bacon breakfast tacos, quiche, french toast with fruit, toad in the hole (egg in the middle of hollowed out toast)

Lunch:  eggs salad sandwiches, avocado egg salad, egg drop soup with egg rolls, BLT sandwiches with a fried egg, cobb salad (with extra hardboiled eggs)

Dinner:  spinach souffle, frittata, eggplant parmesean with some bread pudding for dessert, savory bread pudding, quiche

Snacks:  Hard boiled eggs, deviled eggs, angeled eggs, cadbury eggs

Fooled you!  In the comments, tell me how far into my menu you read before you realized it wasn’t actually planning to serve eggs for every meal.

A more realistic dinner plan would be:

Pot Roast, Vegetable soup (made with leftover pot roast), Stuffed Peppers, Roasted Chicken, Pizza, Hamburgers

Q:  What does a slice of toast wear to bed?

A:  Jammies.

How’s your week going?  What’s on your menu plan?

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  1. I admit that it took me a few minutes. I was too busy being stunned that you planned breakfasts and lunches. People plan those?

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