Math Practice Made Easy

Math practice made easy is probably an understatement.  It should probably be shouting “MY KIDS BEGGED ME TO PRACTICE THEIR MATH SKILLS DURING SUMMER VACATION!!!!”  My kids like math, but not enough to want to sit down and run through flash cards on summer vacation. They enjoy math games, but it generally takes a little mom-prodding to get them started.

Imagine my delight when I discovered something that was, in essence, math practice made easy.  It’s a set of Math Cubes from ThinkFun.  I got our set at Amazon when I was ordering an expansion pack for our Story Cubes (Rory’s Story Cubes Actions).

The instructions are geared for kids who have mastered addition and subtraction but are working on multiplication.  They make a Junior version that is geared more for the early grades, but the directions for this set include ideas for adapting the game for all ages.  You have two types of dice.  You use one type (the 12 sided dice) to roll the target number.  The other set (the normal 6 sided dice) are rolled and then you have to use those to figure out how to make the target number.

Don’t worry, the game includes a cheat sheet if you need one.

Based on the original rules, you could have target numbers ranging from 1 to 144.  You can modify that for ranges as low as 1 to 12.   The game accommodates kids at different skill levels (I have one child who is only adding, the other is working on multiplication) and is even interesting for math-tolerant adults.

The game comes with a little pouch to hold the dice and instructions.  I decided to tuck the dice into the box with my Rory Story Cubes in it.  It all fits!  Now I can carry two different games in my purse.  Math practice made easy, and perfect for road trips and errands.


Susan Baker
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Susan Baker
Susan Baker

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